Project Management

be the master of your project

As a Project Manager it's up to you to make sure things are getting done in the right order and at the right time, without losing sight of the big picture or the smallest detail. But unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can fall victim to the many internal and external threats to project completion.

Deltek Collaboration combines a project and task management platform with a social network, enabling you to quickly identify and communicate the project threats. It can make your job easier and your organization more efficient, agile, and successful. With Deltek Collaboration you'll be able to:

  • Easily collaborate with the entire project team — in real-time — from anywhere
  • Gain consensus quickly and implement efficient workflows
  • Increase project efficiency by reducing time wasted traveling and meeting in person
  • Get the answers you need — whenever you want — without having to wait for reports
  • Track ownership and completion of key tasks
  • Centralize all project information and grant outside team members access to it