Frequently Asked Questions

The Deltek PSA solution is flexible and easy-to-use. Have a question about how to put the power of Deltek to work for your firm? We’ve got answers!

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What is Deltek Professional Services Automation (PSA)?

Deltek PSA is a single, cloud-based solution specifically designed for organizations that manage engagements. If that’s your organization, you are in the right place! Deltek keeps your organization focused on what matters most – managing your people and engagements while improving productivity, efficiency and profitability. Deltek PSA integrates CRM, financial management, resource and engagement management and HR systems so you can make better informed decisions. With consolidated data and one source of information (from opportunity to plans to engagements), Deltek saves time by reducing duplicate data entry and manual processes.

I don’t want to change the accounting/financial solution my organization uses today, can I still use Deltek PSA?

With Deltek PSA you can choose to use Deltek’s project accounting solution or you may continue to use the solution your organization uses today. Deltek PSA does not provide any out of the box integrations with third party financial solutions, but you may choose to work with Deltek Services, or a Deltek Partner, to build the integration with a given third party financial solution.

Can my organization continue to use Salesforce if we implement Deltek PSA?

Yes, Deltek PSA includes an integration to Salesforce. This integration allows you to pull pertinent opportunity, account and contact information into Deltek so that the information can be used to create opportunity estimates, proposals, marketing campaigns and engagements.

What size organizations are a fit for Deltek PSA?

Deltek PSA is designed to accommodate 10 person firms to 1,000s of employee firms.

If I choose Deltek PSA, can I bring in past data from other systems?

Yes, Deltek provides a wide range of options for bringing in past data such as contacts, clients, projects and accounting information.

When will I have access to my software once I purchase?

Within 24 hours of purchase you will have access to Deltek PSA.

How quickly can I be up and running after I purchase the solution?

Deltek PSA was designed to be configured and up-and-running quickly without the cost of extensive services. Obviously, if your organization’s processes are complex, your implementation might require additional services.

What’s unique about Deltek PSA?

Industry Specific – Deltek provides solutions that are tailored to your industry with terminology and processes your teams will easily understand that better aligns with your current business processes, making user adoption easier and faster. We understand the nuances of your engagements, your clients and your people and build solutions to meet those individual needs.

Purpose Built – Deltek was founded by people that understood the needs of professional services firms – firms that deliver services, not products – and our solutions are built to do just that. Your firm needs the right tools for the job to not only get the job done, but get the job done in the most cost effective, efficient and profitable way possible. You wouldn’t want to use a hammer to drive in a screw – you would damage the hammer, the screw and the wood itself. You need the right tool for the job that is built for the task at hand.

Engagement Centric – Deltek does not retrofit their solutions to fit engagement-based business. We put the engagement at the center of everything including budgeting, the GL, invoicing and much more to ensure that you have the visibility and control and Deltek has a proven track record of making companies more profitable and more successful by bringing the engagement to center stage.

People Focused – Professional services firms are different. Your people are your product and your people are your greatest asset. Without great people, you can’t deliver great engagements. Deltek will help you find and develop talent to drive revenue. You will have the right people on the right engagements at the right time so you can avoid burnout, increase employee satisfaction and create a culture where employees want to build their careers.

Why should I choose Deltek PSA?

Deltek PSA is a SINGLE, INDUSTRY FOCUSED SOLUTION which gives you one place to manage all aspects of your business –, opportunities, engagements, clients, documents, financials and people.

Deltek PSA is EASY TO USE so your team will actually use it and works anywhere their job takes them. Easily input time, contacts, activities on the go – anywhere, anytime.

Deltek PSA is CLOUD BASED so you can leave system management to Deltek so you can focus on delivering successful engagements.

Why should I do business with Deltek?

More than Software – Deltek is an industry leader when it comes to helping organizations manage engagements and projects, but Deltek goes beyond simply providing exceptional software solutions. Deltek truly believes in partnering with the industry and providing unique thought leadership opportunities to help firms grow, become more aware of what is happening in the industry and how it could impact their future.

I have other questions. Who can help me?

If you have any questions about Deltek or Deltek PSA, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!