Valiant Solutions, Inc.

Valiant Solutions Inc. is a Deltek technology partner and leading developer of workforce management software for contract government security services and remote-hourly uniformed service providers. For over 23 years, Valiant has maintained proven best-of-breed software applications, support teams and implementation teams with expertise in contract security. Our single-source software provides biometric time management, scheduling, certified payroll, billing, and compliance tracking, seamlessly integrating with Deltek’s Costpoint ERP solution. This allows for real time operational/financial controls and compliance with Service Contract Act/FAR/CAS and DCAA requirements, providing mutual clients with a highly reliable ecosystem resulting in sustainable success for government contracting.

Biometric Clock

Valiant’s versatile biometric clocks have the ability to work off-line in rugged settings; a must-have solution for security companies. Clocks are fully integrated with our TLM scheduling/time management application as well, allowing for real-time payroll to billing reconciliation. With features like biometric fingerprint validation (for accurate clock in/out punches) and Ethernet/cellular connectivity, guard companies promote ongoing staffing compliance and integrity.


Valiant’s comprehensive (traditional or certified) payroll functions are fully integrated with its TLM scheduling/time management application, boasting security industry expertise and personalized service. With our payroll function, the security industry finally has the perfect fit solution for flexible processing, automated computations and guided compliance designed just for them.

Time & Labor Management

Valiant’s unique TLM Solution addresses the complex requirements in managing large, hourly, remote and multi-client workforces; staples of the security industry. Create dynamic schedules based on employee qualifications, licensing, training and availability criteria, and minimize non-billed hours/overtime costs to ensure compliance. All features integrate with Deltek Costpoint.