The Foundry by Monster

The Foundry’s mission is to transform the hiring process for both candidates and employers; through effective career websites, employer value propositions and strong employer branding. We create better hiring processes for both candidates and employers, and shape the recruitment industry with compelling career websites, authentic employer value propositions and employer brands.

In a project-based industry, where people are your product, attracting and retaining top talent is key to success!

So, let’s get to work. Let’s create your story with a compelling employer value proposition, an accessible and responsive career website and all the content needed to communicate the value of your brand. Don’t get behind, refresh your organization!

Employer Value Proposition

Employer Value Proposition

The Foundry by Monster creates powerful and memorable employer value propositions (EVPs). We follow a proven 6-step methodology that is handled by employer brand strategists and supported by a dedicated team of Web designers, SEO experts, copywriters, data analysts, and project managers. Once your EVP is ready, we give recommendations on how and where to deploy, and it’s yours to use, e.g. on your career site, your social media pages, job descriptions, campaigns, and much more! The whole team supports you by crafting a message and creating visuals that will fully resonate with your identified target audience.

Career Site Solution

Career Sites

Your career site is where job seekers can get to know you, form their opinion, and decide to apply. The Foundry by Monster will create a solution adapted to your target audience, with a career site that is compelling, to your colors, and in conformance with the Web Accessibility guidelines for a more inclusive experience. We’ll work together through the different stages – from concept creation, to design and integration – to successfully drive more qualified job seekers to your open positions.

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Employer Brand Analysis

Our experts put themselves in the candidates’ shoes, looking at all touchpoints of their journey. We evaluate 6 main pillars and give them a score, which allows you to better understand the current state of your employer brand online and build a clear roadmap for your following initiatives (short, mid, and long-term).

Add-on: Get our Competitor Analysis to better benchmark yourself against your competition.