MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc.

MathCraft Security Technologies is the leading provider of software solutions for industrial security professionals.

Those who safeguard our nation’s most sensitive information face many obstacles when it comes to maintaining security clearances, staying compliant, and making good decisions. MathCraft solves these challenges by syncing Deltek’s systems with Access Commander®, an industrial security solution that is up-to-date, NISPOM-compliant, and comprehensive.

Transactions between Costpoint, GovWin IQ, and Talent Management feed into Access Commander on-demand, eliminating manual double data entry and equipping enterprises with better contract insight. With Deltek and MathCraft, customers can eliminate security risks, meet ever-changing requirements, and give security professionals peace of mind.

Access Commander

Access Commander

Access Commander is a robust Facility Security Officer (FSO) management platform that helps cleared contracts stay organized and accountable. It adheres to the latest NISPOM and DCSA reporting requirements, supporting compliance efforts in areas such as foreign travel and contacts, training, insider threats, contract administration, personnel clearances, and more.

It features a module-based design that is straightforward and easy-to-navigate; each section addresses routine tasks with audit-friendly procedures, recording information and storing it digitally for 24/7 access. Costpoint, GovWin IQ, and Talent Management data feeds into the platform on-demand, eliminating manual data entry and equipping enterprises with timely, data-driven insight.