Green Building Education Services (GBES)

GBES is the leader in the Green Building Education industry. Since 2007 More than 275 companies and 150,000 professionals have put their trust in GBES to obtain or maintain their valuable LEED and WELL credentials. The 8 credentials GBES specializes in have become invaluable for companies to take on the most innovative and cutting edge projects. Since 2006 there has been over a 2,000% rise in LEED certified projects and over 30,000 WELL Certified projects since its inception in 2013. Through our best in class exam prep and the largest USGBC and IWBI approved libraries found online, GBES arms green professionals with the knowledge and skillset to have a positive impact on the built environment while working in one of the most lucrative, high demand sectors of today.


LEED + WELL Exam Prep

GBES offers a variety of exam prep materials to help cover all different learning styles. Whether you learn best by reading, watching videos, or taking practice tests, we have you covered. With access to our Exam prep materials, you will have everything you need to tackle your next exam.


LEED + WELL Continuing Education

GBES can help you maintain your credentials with our Library of 200+ CEU Hours. All of our CE courses have been pre-approved by GBCI and AIA to meet your LEED, WELL and AIA CEU needs. We actively update our Library to bring you new and relevant CE courses. We also offer Auto Reporting options for LEED and AIA Credentials.