AEC Business Solutions

AEC Business Solutions helps A&E firms improve employee performance and profits. Based on 25 years as a Deltek partner and the best-selling book, Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms, we help to reduce scope creep, improve efficiency, develop better business processes and transform culture to focus on business success.

Our business management assessment and training program transforms technical professionals into business leaders and prepares them to lead successful and profitable projects. We help align people, processes and systems so employees will perform at their highest potential.


Business Management Assessment

Quickly assess 9 areas of your business to find out where your processes, systems and training could be failing your employees and leaking your profits. The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment is a completely automated anonymous employee survey that probes the minds of your staff to understand where bottlenecks, redundant systems, and time-wasting business practices are frustrating them, slowing down their work and keeping them from delivering profitable, successful projects. The assessment provides detailed data to prepare your executives to make critical business decisions. An AEC Business Solutions Advisor will review the results with your Executive Team.


Business Management Training Program

Your employees didn’t learn business skills in college, and often “give away” your profits because they don’t know how to ask clients for money or control project costs. The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Training Program offers 10 online courses combined with group discussions that teaches employees business skills and leads to improved business practices and use of systems. The courses are interactive and provide a curriculum of firm financial and project management, including what key metrics in your Deltek system are most important. Group discussions can be led internally or facilitated by an AEC Business Solutions Advisor.