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Team Deltek Cloud Spotlight

A Global Team Deltek Perspective: Supporting Deltek's Cloud Operations Around the World

In this #TeamDeltek spotlight, three of Deltek’s Global Cloud leaders share what it’s like to work on this fast-paced, growing team with a great workplace culture.

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Colleagues gathered around a laptop, looking at data

Let facts power your business decisions

In a recent webinar for Deltek, lecturer Olof Gränström looked at the importance of making business decisions based on facts, and how organizations can rise to the challenge to pursue truly data-driven decision-making.

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The Road Ahead: Diversity, A Change Of Mindset

The Road Ahead: Diversity, A Change Of Mind-Set

We must be prepared for a global slowdown but, importantly, be hopeful, for recovery. It is going to require heartfelt, collective strength and speed to prevent irreversible damage. One thing is for sure, a change of mind-set will be necessary.

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Deltek Change Management

Die wichtigsten Change Management Faktoren in den Projektphasen einer ERP-Software Implementierung – Teil 1

Eines der wichtigsten Elemente für den Projekterfolg einer ERP-Einführung ist ein ausgeklügeltes Change Management. Werden die Menschen die das neue System und die neuen Prozesse verwenden nicht auf die Reise mitgenommen, ist das Projekt zum Scheitern verurteilt. Lesen Sie hier im Teil 1 (von 5), wie Sie vorgehen.

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