The Agency Roadmap: Check Yourself Before You . . . Well, You Know

Posted by Deltek on October 14, 2021

Roadmap image

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve followed our conversation about the contents of Deltek’s Agency Roadmap. Specifically, these posts have spoken to how integrated systems can bring serious benefits to today’s forward-thinking marketing and advertising agencies. We’ve covered plenty of ground, from optimizing everyday operations to boosting profits to energizing agency growth.

Seen from the highest altitude, any one of the topics reviewed in the Agency Roadmap might be top priority for your shop. Of course, any smart leadership team will realize that the idea of tackling all of them at once is impractical if not impossible. That’s why a smart start is so important. You have to take a close look at how things are going, decide what needs the most attention, and prioritize implementation of the right solutions.

We didn’t present these areas of focus in order of importance; they all carry equal weight when it comes to ensuring that your agency is performing at its absolute best. What Deltek’s Agency Solution Team has done, however, is present a series of checklists you can use to determine the best place to begin for your shop. 

As explained in the Agency Roadmap we’ve identified four key performance pillars that we’re convinced provide the foundation of agency success, especially in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace: Project Delivery, Talent, Profitability, and Growth.


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We built the very first checklist in the Agency Roadmap to walk you through an honest agency self-assessment. This will help you determine the best place to begin.

Agencies face myriad challenges every day, but the ones needing immediate improvement are going to be readily apparent for shops eager to be honest with themselves. Obvious challenges might include:

  • Making truly accurate project estimates
  • Creating and meeting realistic deadlines
  • Improving team collaboration and client communication
  • Integrating project management and accounting systems
  • Creating precise monthly forecasts
  • Building the new-business pipeline

These are all critical, but only you can determine which one needs immediate attention. 

Once you have that locked down, Deltek’s Agency Roadmap let’s you take your scrutiny a step further. Additional specialized checklists walk you through deeper evaluation specific to:

  • Improving project delivery
  • Investing in talent and culture
  • Increase profitability 
  • Energizing agency growth

Finding the point of departure that’s best for your shop is your call, but everything culminates in essential guidance around choosing and implementing a fully integrated agency management system that will help you achieve the performance you demand. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or are just tuning in, it’s time to check things out -- literally. Download the Agency Roadmap here and get going.