Customer Spotlight: How Tideway is Driving Schedule Quality and Maximizing Efficiency with Deltek Acumen

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A new “super sewer” for London, known as The Thames Tideway Project is now underway. It will be constructed by Tideway – privately financed by a consortium called Bazalgette Tunnel Limited, in conjunction with the delivery partner CH2M. The tunnel will not only improve the environment, ecology, public health, appearance and reputation of London, but it will also give a much-needed and immediate economic boost by creating thousands of skilled jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships. The project has a budget of £4.2 billion.

Customer Challenge:

The challenge with the Tideway Project, as with other large infrastructure projects that have complex supply chains and demanding governance requirements, is having confidence that the schedules it receives from contractors, and the corresponding schedules it then constructs, are as realistic and robust as possible. To help overcome this key challenge, the Tideway Project Team turned to Deltek Acumen.


Deltek Acumen, an integrated tool suite that helps organizations create the soundest schedules possible and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk, is playing a key role throughout the Tideway Project – from helping in the assessment of complex programs in the procurement phase, to assessing and analyzing the monthly programs during the construction phase. In fact, Tideway wrote into its supplier contracts that submitted schedules must meet a minimum Deltek Acumen Fuse Schedule Quality Index score as part of the periodic program submission cycle. Tideway is also leveraging Acumen 360 to look for every opportunity to drive efficiencies through the schedule to maintain on-time (or even early) delivery, and is using the forensic capability of Acumen Fuse to map the changes made when contractors submit their revised plans.

For Tideway management, a schedule is more than just a set of dates for when something is to be done. It is the logical embodiment of how the work will unfold and integrate, and Deltek Acumen is going a long way to helping the team drive improved schedule quality and maximize efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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