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Gather best practices and insights on how to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle, from finding and acquiring the right talent to performance management to learning and career development to compensation planning to analytics.

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Your Competitors Are Turning to Continuous Performance Management. Are you?

According to recent studies, HR leaders not only doubt the accuracy of performance reviews in appraising employee work, but they are facing challenges across career development planning, employee engagement and performance management. In this blog, we examine how modernization is critical to solving tomorrow’s staffing issues.

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Increase Employee Engagement with Continuous Goal Management

Continuous goal management enables employees and managers to keep track of their goals all year round. By regularly reviewing progress, opportunities for development can be identified quickly, instead of waiting until the annual appraisal.

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HR Digitalization Has Arrived. Where are you?

Different functions of HR can no longer effectively work in silos. Work to improve visibility by utilizing integrated platforms that can provide rich visuals. Build insights and strengthen decision-making with accurate data collected from various parts of the business. If you haven’t thought about HR digitalization, the time is now.

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What's New from Deltek Talent Consulting!

Learn from Deltek Talent Consulting what challenges and successes result from implementing Deltek Talent Management. Determine what steps you can take to make it as smooth as possible.

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Underused Deltek Talent Management Features: Employee Recognition, 360 Reviews, and Project Appraisals

As a part of our underused Talent Management feature series, we wanted to highlight some of the different ways you can recognize the accomplishments of your employees. In this post, we will walk through three underused Talent Management features.

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Create Strategic Compensation Plans to Retain Top Talent

Understand and define the components needed for a successful compensation strategy and how an automated solution improves compensation management.

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Compelling Reasons to Switch to an ATS

Secure the strongest candidates in the marketplace. Reports and stats that back-up the move to an Automatic Tracking System

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Integrated HCM Technology: The Answer to the Changing Employer-Employee Relationship

Professional Services Firms and Firms not in the space are having to adapt to the changing Employer-Employee Relationship. And the answer to helping them overcome this is by incorporating HCM technology.

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AI and The Future of Ethics in HR

The reality is that AI is here to stay and will become more integrated into our daily lives with each passing year. I can’t help but wonder, who will ultimately be responsible for answering some of the ethical questions that result from the inclusion of AI in recruiting and other business processes? The only logical person in an organization to handle these types of dilemmas is the head of human resources.

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Deltek Blog: Talent Management

The Year of Employee Experience

Technology is meant to enable HR to do more than drown in emails and paperwork.  A comprehensive Human Capital Management solution will empower your HR team to optimize the greatest asset you have, your people.  

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