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Social Recruiting: Looking Beyond the Resume

Let us put away the myths and the misconceptions  around Social Recruiting - that partaking in Social Recruiting will attract and add to the amount of unqualified applicants already in the recruiter’s inbox. If anything, Social Recruiting helps attract more qualified applicants and it helps single out the best talent.  How, you ask? Let’s simply start by looking over some key stats  to begin our appreciation and love for Social Recruiting:

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Why Employee Referral Fosters Strong Relationships and Engagements in the Workplace

Building an engaged team in your organization requires many different and constant efforts.  Leaders checking in with their team and managing goa...

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Hire Talent Fast

You got a guy? I got a gift card... Tips for leveraging an employee referral program

There are a number of benefits to hiring an employee referral.  Including a higher quality of hire, faster application to hire time, lower cost per hire, and a new team member that will work well with your current employees.  But often a new, impromptu, or not often used employee referral program can fall through the cracks.  Making sure that the employee, their referral, and their appreciation don’t fall through the crack is a combination of preparation and automation.  

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What is YOUR Recruiting Superpower

Hiring Family

We’ve all been there, a family member who really needs a job or a great worker referred by an employee who is their spouse.  And it is tempting to offer jobs to these people – in many cases they already feel like a part of the company and have a good understanding of your business and what you do.  And they may be very qualified.  However, there are many things you should keep in mind – both good and bad – when hiring a family member into the company.

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Agency Collaboration

Four Challenges and Suggestions to boost your Employee Referral Program

Over the last few years, many companies have developed and implemented an employee referral program to increase their pool of qualified applicants and...

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