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The 11th Recruiting Metric- Time Per Stage

With our recent focus on the blog about recruiting metrics you should be using, along with feedback from clients, I thought it would be good to add an 11th metric up on the blog: time per stage.

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How Efficient Are Your Recruiters?

The definition of a recruiter has continued to evolve over the years, and there is so much to say about how this critical role is constantly changing.

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What Is Your Offer Acceptance Rate?

Offer Acceptance Rate is one of the very important metrics in recruiting activities, and I have come across a spotlight from the "National Association of College and Employers" (NACE).

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Applicant Satisfaction - Why It May Be Your Fault

"I can't get no satisfaction... 'cause I try and I try." Everyone knows that the applicant is putting their best foot forward. But is the company? If not, why not?

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pipeline of talent

Whether just still perfecting or with highly-developed talent management strategies already in place, it is a good idea to be constantly looking for quality candidates, even when there is no immediate opening in the organization.

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Excellence Compass

Measuring Quality of Hire

How does your recruitment process stack up? Is your interview and selection process helping you clearly identify not only capable people but the ones that can succeed within your organizational environment?

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Yes, Low Retention Rate is HR's Fault

Employee retention is an important metric for many reasons. Not only does it show how successful your recruiting efforts are in finding qualified candidates, but it's also a great indicator of the overall health of an organization.

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2015 Resolution for Recruiters - Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

For 2015, we are making a new resolution for all of our HR friends out there, and taken little by little, it's pretty simple: Learn the Metrics Behind Your Goals.

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