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Gather best practices and insights on how to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle, from finding and acquiring the right talent to performance management to learning and career development to compensation planning to analytics.

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Why Employee Referral Fosters Strong Relationships and Engagements in the Workplace

Building an engaged team in your organization requires many different and constant efforts.  Leaders checking in with their team and managing goa...

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How having mobile talent management tools can increase employee engagement

As a manager or team member some of your job can be saved while mobile. Read our play script on a typical work day and how it can be improved by using while on the go. 

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Hire Talent Fast

You got a guy? I got a gift card... Tips for leveraging an employee referral program

There are a number of benefits to hiring an employee referral.  Including a higher quality of hire, faster application to hire time, lower cost per hire, and a new team member that will work well with your current employees.  But often a new, impromptu, or not often used employee referral program can fall through the cracks.  Making sure that the employee, their referral, and their appreciation don’t fall through the crack is a combination of preparation and automation.  

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Recruiting via social media

Just like networking IRL (In Real Life), may people’s first instinct to advertising a position or hunting for candidates via social media is to approach it like a bullhorn or soap box.  They push out that message of “I’ve got a job!” or “Looking for Experienced Project Managers!”  While making sure that you put the word out there is just the start to effectively using this additional too to find good candidates. 

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Recruiting Alumni

Reaching out to Alumni is a lot easier than it used to be. Between Facebook targeted add, LinkedIn searches and community, and even ad hoc social networks formed from alumni, it's easier to find and to target advertise to former employees. But don't overlook the personal connections that you and your coworkers have and maintain with alumni.

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Agency Collaboration

Give Your Employees More Options and More Control- Collaborating with your employees for flexibitiy and tasks

Previous blogs have covered differences between being a manager and a leader. We’ve also covered the different styles and motivations that speak...

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Mobile Device

Let Me Give You My New Email

As you know, recently HRsmart was acquired by Deltek. From the business side this was a great pairing of a company wanting to offer the best Talent Management Solution.

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Ask Me No Questions… Competency and Skill Based Interviews

When I was a new hiring manager, I did not know how to interview. Sometimes they were just a meandering recap of their education and work history as well as highlighting odd or interesting bits out of their resume.

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Budgeting Architecture and Engineering Projects

Payroll in the Clouds: Stormy Weather or Silver Lining?

In previous blog posts, HRsmart has touched on the cost savings companies can see by moving to cloud-based talent management software - "Cloud Computing for HR." While payroll services can benefit from the same accessibility and cost savings of cloud-based services, the nature of payroll may make some small and mid-sized business (SMBs) hesitant.

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Applicant Satisfaction - Why It May Be Your Fault

"I can't get no satisfaction... 'cause I try and I try." Everyone knows that the applicant is putting their best foot forward. But is the company? If not, why not?

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