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Gather best practices and insights on how to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle, from finding and acquiring the right talent to performance management to learning and career development to compensation planning to analytics.

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Laptop Learning

Best Learning Methods to Keeping Employees Engaged

Every human, animal, plant and nowadays even some machines have the ability to learn. So what is learning? Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information.

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Coworkers at computer

Is Career Development a Key Motivator for Employee Retention?

Being an employee, the first thing you will think of when considering staying or changing your job is the WIIFM approach. This basically stands for, as a job seeker, “what’s in it for me” to take this new role, whether it is an internal or external role. Job seekers can have different priorities in terms of key motivators. Keeping this in mind, what is the key motivator to retain employees?

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Remote Employees and a Successful Hiring Process

In today’s business world companies are hiring different types of employees. Some employees are located onsite, however, others are remote. Several studies have indicated that hiring remote employees is becoming more frequent and that many companies started to grow their remote workforce years ago, while others are testing the waters now. So how do we hire the right remote candidates?

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Can We Guess Your Role in HR?

Hiring Interns

A well planned and organized recruitment process is key for hiring the right people to the right jobs and Internship programs. In this blog, we uncover the right and wrong way to conduct an internship program. Learn how to e lead a successful internship program so that you create some of your most qualified future hires from it.

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Internal Hiring: Advantages and Process

The recruitment process is the process of hiring the right people in the right place, at the right time. This is a critical activity which allows companies to conduct proper and effective workforce planning. This process is important because it involves all stakeholders, to make sure they are well equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to hire.

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Succession Planning: Are you Succession Planning Ready?

Build Succession Plans Around High Value Jobs: Making a plan for if someone quits (and not just your execs) In today’s business world that high...

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Professional and Interpersonal Skills in Business

When it comes to hiring the right people for the job, an important role to look for are their skills. Each job role has a different skill set that is ...

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Small Group Meeting

Are you Conveying the Right Message - The Importance of Communication

What is communication? The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Ever since mankind was created pe...

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