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Social Recruiting: Looking Beyond the Resume

Let us put away the myths and the misconceptions  around Social Recruiting - that partaking in Social Recruiting will attract and add to the amount of unqualified applicants already in the recruiter’s inbox. If anything, Social Recruiting helps attract more qualified applicants and it helps single out the best talent.  How, you ask? Let’s simply start by looking over some key stats  to begin our appreciation and love for Social Recruiting:

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Events: Big or small can help companies come together

One piece to creating a successful employee engagement is having events in your company. Events, big or small create a sense of bonding between coworkers. They help establish relationships, which can lead to a sense of belonging to the company. Each company has their own way of bringing unity within the company. Below is a list of different types of events that your company is already doing or could maybe start to liven things up.

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The Different Stereotypes when Hiring a Millennial

The subject of millennials is similar to the subject of technology, they both have changed the workforce in the last decade. As a millennial myself with mostly millennial peers, when I thought about hiring my generation and what we bring to the workforce, I thought about our goals and what motivates us. I can think of a clear difference in motivation compared to other generations. Everything from conversing and how we interact and socialize with our coworkers to our expectations about work was shaped by our upbringing. The millennial mindset is heavily influenced by the growth of technology as well as stress levels from finances and the pressure to compete with your neighbor.

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Can We Guess Your Role in HR?

Hiring Interns

A well planned and organized recruitment process is key for hiring the right people to the right jobs and Internship programs. In this blog, we uncover the right and wrong way to conduct an internship program. Learn how to e lead a successful internship program so that you create some of your most qualified future hires from it.

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Competing in the Talent War

In the war for talent, everyone is bringing their best resources to the table when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. A company&...

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Balancing HR Technology in the Workplace

HR technology has taken on an important role as one of the daily technology solutions that companies rely on today. From project management to cost ma...

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Building Your Employee Career Path

The majority of people don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, or they know what they want to be but they don’t know how to attain it.

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Deltek Forecasts Defense Agency IT Spending Will Remain Weak Through 2021

Why FAR and CAS are Important Terms to Compliance

FAR and CAS… what do these two acronyms mean and what do they have to do with compliance? Well, for starters FAR stands for Federal Acquisition Regulations and CAS stands for Cost Accounting Standards.

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Common HR Abbreviations

After taking our Common HR Abbreviation Quiz, you probably realized that there are more Abbreviations than you possibly knew, and there are still more that we didn’t post.

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How Well Do You Know HR Abbreviations?

How Well Do You Know HR Abbreviations?

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