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Posted by Kirsten Herd on February 25, 2019

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The Deltek Talent Consulting team has the opportunity to work with various organizations on a daily basis. We regularly see the challenges and successes that come with rolling out new talent solutions.  We strive to make the implementation process as effective and painless as possible, but we are very aware that it is not always an easy process.

The customer project teams we engage with are often working on their implementation while still juggling their busy day jobs. On top of that, the very nature of an implementation is change – so we are asking customers to balance the extra workload while championing the change. The most common outcome of this balancing act is that the project team is forced to prioritize a smaller list of success factors for the initial implementation. For example, the strategic/executive reasons for purchasing a talent management solution may have been to improve efficiencies by automating paper processes; ensure proper adherence to compliance regulations; improve employee engagement; gain knowledge of employee trends (i.e. turnover, rate of internal promotion etc.). As the implementation moves forward, this initial list of priorities sometimes shrinks to focus on just one or two success factors in order to ensure the solution implementation is completed on time and within budget. This decision is often made with the goal to once live, re-visit the full list of priorities.


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It is for this reason that our Consulting team strives to ensure we are offering consulting packages post-implementation that continue to help drive those strategic objectives forward. In a real-world situation, taking the ‘baby step’ approach is often the best way to go - going live with a solution, experiencing the solution for several months in order to gain a full sense of understanding of what is and is not working, and then re-visiting the next steps to achieve optimal performance. The Deltek Talent Consulting team’s desire is to work with you based off of your experiences to date, coupled with our best practice knowledge to improve upon your current processes and take a second look at your initial list of success factors to help you ensure you are achieving every single one

The Deltek Talent Consulting team is a valuable resource during and after the implementation of your solution. With an average of nearly a decade of experience, this team is well equipped to help you leverage Talent Management during every step in your digital transformation journey. We are a collaborative team who constantly share ideas, best practices and experiences. We view our customers as partners and understand that your success is our success.

You invested in Deltek Talent Management to help run your business. Make sure you are getting the most out of that investment by leveraging our workshops and consulting packages!

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  • Includes an end-to-end review of the employee lifecycle to identify ways that Deltek Talent Management can help streamline your processes
  • Increase awareness of new functionality relevant to your business and identify potential cost savings by addressing current process bottlenecks
  • Review recommendations to improve your use of Deltek Talent Management and improve alignment with your existing strategies and growth goals

Get Even More From Your Talent Data With A Custom Reporting Package!

  • Learn how to create custom reports with a DRT (Deltek Reporting Tool) Training Package and get more from your data
  • If you need a single report, try the Build-A-Report-Workshop and receive assistance building a specific report
  • Custom Reporting Packages are also available if you have 2 or more custom report requirements

Make Sure You Are Leveraging New and Advanced Features!

  • Increase efficiency with Single Sign-On options
  • Integrate your solution with one of our many partners providing background checks, assessments, WOTC, e-verify, video interviews, and more
  • Customize integrations between your Deltek ERP and Deltek Talent Management
  • Review advanced and new features as they are released to ensure you are getting the most out of every single enhancement

Stay up-to-date by tuning in for our Talent Customer Town Halls to hear about new features and upcoming releases. To learn more about how to optimize your talent manage solution and for pricing information please reach out to Karen Harlan at karenharlan@deltek.com.


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Kirsten has been working in the areas of Human Resources and Talent Management for over 17 years. Specifically, she has applied her experience in recruitment, human resources management, and human resources best practice consulting to the delivery of talent management solutions. She has been directly involved in Talent Management implementations and client relationship management for over 13 years. Her clients have spanned many industries such as professional services, health, government, education, retail and others.