Project-Focused Human Capital Management: A Game Changer for Professional Services Firms

Posted by Amy Champigny on November 27, 2018


The vision for Deltek’s human capital management solution has always been to provide project-focused businesses with everything needed to hire, manage, develop, and retain top talent. Creating truly comprehensive human capital management software for project-focused firms is our aim, because we understand how important people are to your business. They’re important to our business, too.

We’ve found through experience and research, that a lack of integrated technology places HR professionals at a disadvantage. Administrative work limits the time left for more value-added activities, such as providing an excellent employee experience to retain those key project players. In the worst cases, this lack can prevent HR from being seen as an important contributor to strategic planning by limiting the analytics and insights that can be provided at the executive level. Human capital management solutions are the most powerful when they are integrated with the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions used by your organization because of the increased visibility and cross-functional reporting gained when data is integrated.

At our user conference, Deltek Insight, earlier this month, we were excited to share information about the release of our Core HR solution, which will be available in mid-2019. For the professional services industries that Deltek serves, this is a game-changing development. With a single integrated solution to acquire, manage, and optimize the workforce, you will gain valuable insights into the people side of your business that will help support firm-wide growth and strategy. The initial release of Core HR will provide the foundation project-focused companies need to manage employee information. Subsequent releases will build on that foundation by adding employee and manager self-service, benefits administration, workforce analytics and by deepening the integration with Deltek ERPs.

Built with Deltek’s years of expertise with project-based businesses, Core HR will deliver features and capabilities to help manage employee information and will result in increased efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle. With a full project-focused human capital management solution customers will benefit from:  

  • Automation of Manual HR Processes  Deltek ‘s Core HR offering will allow HR professionals to spend less time on paperwork and more time focused on what drives business success – acquiring, developing, and retaining top talent.
  • Data-Driven Strategic Planning – Firms will benefit from increased efficiency, improved data integrity, and better visibility into the people side of the business. This new level of visibility will take the guesswork out of workforce capacity and planning.
  • Ability to Manage the Entire Employee Lifecycle – Deltek Talent Management is the one-stop-shop for managing people in project-based businesses. You will be able to manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle from a single intuitive platform.
  • Integrated Project-Focused Human Capital Management – With the release of Core HR, customers will be able to manage employee information, acquire and onboard talent faster, engage employees with project-centric performance management, and prepare for the future with succession planning and learning management.

Starting now with incremental changes will help you, and your teams, make the bigger shift down the road. Today is a good time to start thinking about your HR processes. What’s working and what isn’t? When you implement Core HR, you’ll want to use the opportunity to revamp processes that aren’t working and look for ways to improve efficiency.

Today, you may be struggling to locate qualified candidates and retain your top performers. Address those very real and immediate challenges with Talent Management. Implementing Talent Management will help support your processes around hiring and developing your talent. This is your head start. Next summer, you’ll have the opportunity to bring all of your employee information into the solution regardless of where it is housed today. Once you have worked through the data conversion, your organization will be well positioned to implement employee and manager self-service, workforce analytics, and benefits administration, as those features are released.

Technology is meant to enable HR to do more than drown in emails and paperwork.  A comprehensive human capital management solution will empower your HR team to optimize the greatest asset you have, your people. 



About the Author

Amy Champigny spent more than 15 years working in finance and accounting and most recently she served as Director of Finance for a management consulting group. In 2015 Amy implemented a Deltek ERP and transformed the finance function in her firm.