How having mobile talent management tools can increase employee engagement

Posted by Vincent Fabello on October 18, 2016


In our blog this week, we decided to take a different writing style and tell it in play/script format. The premise below is a typical work day and how it can be improved immensely with mobile technology.

Chris has 15 minutes left till the end of the work day.  Just a few loose ends for this HR Generalist and before the weekend an start.  Starting with an email reply,

CHRIS types: Dear Kevin, …

Just as Kai tries to do a quick drive by of additional work.  

KAI: Hey Chris, I really need to see those top 5 candidates for the Senior Engineering posting we have open? We really need to find the 2 we’re moving forward with.  Can you get me those files and leave them on my desk?  I’m running late to …

CHRIS: Of course KAI! I know how busy you’ve been.  That’s why I’ve sent those candidates to your email along with their resumes and my screening notes. 

KAI: Great, as soon I’m back to my laptop, I

CHRIS: Oh you can do it right from your tablet or new iPhone.  Let me show you.  You can review the information, and give feedback.  Just hit that button … there … See!  You can even do whenever you’ve got a minute

KAI: Oh great!  Oh good, this one looks ….

As Kai starts wandering off, Chris starts again …

CHRIS types: I hear what you’re saying.  Your review with George is a mixed bag.  There are a lot of positives but …

Another drive by lands at the cube threshold

JULIE: That was so good.  Outstanding! I wish I had more like that!  Remind me of this when we do merit evaluations! 

CHRIS: I’m sorry?  What? I think I missed something.  Would you mind starting over?  Perhaps use the nouns and the verbs this time.  Together sometimes helps.  And I find telling me in order helps me think it through.

JULIE: I’m sorry Chris.  We just finished our standup meeting.  And Nguyen has really made a lot of progress on the San Diego program.  Help me remember that he got us caught up come merit time.  We were so behind!

CHRIS: You know, you can note that in his performance review before you forget. 

JULIE: Sure, Let me get logged back in at my desk.  But first, I need to make this project adjustment so that we’re up to date to Nguyen’s work.

CHRIS: You know, the performance tool works just as well on your tablet as the desktop.  You’re just as comfortable with that tablet you could make the note right now.  Heck, you could even take Nguyen to Starbucks, and do his performance review over … what does he drink again?

JULIE: Soy Green Tea Latte.  Yeah!  It’s a lot easier to make notes on this thing than logging into the desktop.  I feel so cramped there vs. in the breakout rooms or Starbucks with this thing.  Thanks!

CHRIS: Any time!  Speaking of, gotta get this done!

JULIE: Oh sorry, sure.  Have a great weekend!

CHRIS thinks: Ok, three’s the charm!  … Starbucks, that’d really be great right now … Julie really loves her tablet …

CRIS types: a lot of growth areas for George.  I agree that he’s got a lot of potential to improve.  I’d suggest having a private conversation.  Maybe take him out to the Starbucks.  After you’ve gone over the notes you’ve made in his performance journal, talk about how you’re going to help him.  Make sure he knows you’re on his team, that he’s not being fired.  I’d also suggest taking your tablet instead of your laptop.  It’s more casual and you can go over your notes, and come up with an individual development plan that works for you and George.  In fact, make it part of your monthly 1 on 1 check-ins to take that step back and review them.  Doing them outside of the office will make it more of a bonding experience.  And there will be fewer interruptions.  Let me know how it goes next meeting!  - Chris

Ok … that’s it for this Monday! Have a good start to your week