Recruiting via social media

Posted by Vincent Fabello on August 10, 2016


Being on message and in the conversation

Just like networking IRL (In Real Life), may people’s first instinct to advertising a position or hunting for candidates via social media is to approach it like a bullhorn or soap box.  They push out that message of “I’ve got a job!” or “Looking for Experienced Project Managers!”  While making sure that you put the word out there is just the start to effectively using this additional too to find good candidates. 

Targeting your message

In the ancient days before SmartPhones, “Now Hiring” was sufficient to attract the right match.  These days, the message needs to be targeted so that it not only succinctly conveys what you’re looking for, but gives the right keywords to be searchable by passive candidates.  So “PMP Certified Project Manager in Energy Sector” is better for being discoverable when you push out to common social networks.  Candidates with these skills will find this entry on searches and they’ll pop out more readily in a list of results.

Refining the message

But this also helps you refine what the job is and what specialized corners of the net you need to search in.  Are there PMP Project Manager or Energy Sector groups on LinkedIn professional organization?  Are there events or conversations that you can participate in or watch the contributors?  Even if these participants aren’t currently seeking positions, they may be passive jobseekers or be networked to people that are looking for an opportunity. 

Participate in the conversation

Another aspect of social media to focus on is being part of that social conversation.  Your brand, be it your personal account or your company account, should be part of the conversation and not just a listing of posts.  For some platforms, this means being a participant in the discussion boards.  For some, it means showcasing and interacting with the various activities that are and aren’t work related.  Be it professionally or socially, being a nexus of conversations yourself will put your messages in front of more people to be distributed and heard.  It will also give a sense of “who you are” and if following up on your lead or passing it on is worth it. 

Helping each other out

I was once at a resume and networking workshop.  The all-day event, hosted by a local church, included tips and workshops on resume writing, networking, through to interviewing and salary negotiations.  One of the most telling tips came after one of the speakers on networking, we’ll call him John.  One of the other panelists added additional history and color to John’s networking talk.  John would start ever touch to his network, every reach out to his friends, associates, and family with asking how he could help them.  Even if that contact didn’t have a direct lead for John, he always checked if there was a way that John’s networking could help them in any of their needs.  Social media allows you to extend your reach as well as how you can help others and make it a Win Win situation for all participants and not just a one sided transaction. 

Having the right conversation and the right message can clarify what you’re looking for, help people find you, and make sure you’re positioned in the right part of net to hear and be heard.  It does take more than just pushing your post out.  But the rewards of good candidates and good will are well worth it.