Four Challenges and Suggestions to boost your Employee Referral Program

Posted by Karen Harlan on December 3, 2015

Agency Collaboration

Over the last few years, many companies have developed and implemented an employee referral program to increase their pool of qualified applicants and decrease recruiting expenses. Now that these programs have been established for several years, some companies have incurred challenges in keeping employees engaged and actively referring candidates.

We have included our top 4 challenges and suggestions to keeping your referrals coming: 

  1. The employee makes some calls to his network; however the candidate did not accept or wasn’t offered a position. Unfortunately, employees may lose interest in a referral program if awards are only received after the individual is hired and completes their probation period. As an incentive, a tiered award system may prove beneficial. A gift card to your local coffee shop if the candidate is selected for a phone screen, or one for a restaurant if they are selected for an onsite interview will help keep employees engaged.
  2. An employee refers someone, and doesn’t hear any updates from the recruiting department. Effective communication is always challenging and many companies have resolved this issue through effective use of their acquisition solution. Allowing employees to log in and see if an applicant ever applied or their current status in the interview process will increase feedback and decrease the number of calls to your recruiters.
  3. Employees are simply not aware of current openings. Chances are if your employee is not looking for another job within your company, they may not be visiting your career center. If your companies utilizes a private social media page, task one of your recruiters to post the “job of the week” highlighting awards. As an alternative, email or a post on your company’s intranet will work too.
  4. Your employees may simply not know anyone qualified for the position. In this instance, you may want to increase your scope. Many acquisition solutions allow you to create awards programs allowing the general public to participate in your employee referral program. Active job seekers are frequently attending networking events and will be happy to refer individuals to your positions; especially if they are rewarded.

With these suggestions, not only could they boost your Employee Referral Program but continue to create a healthy and dynamic work environment that encourages your employees to build a longer lasting career at the company.