What HR blogs and websites are you following

Posted by Judy Fort on November 20, 2015



Like many folks, I like to stay on top of news related to the things around me. One area I do this quite a bit is around my job: what is new or thought provoking in the world of talent management? I learn things through my conversations with clients and prospects, but one of the easiest ways for me to learn about trends in the industry is by keeping up with different websites and blogs available to me.

With that, here are some of my favorites to take a peek at.

HR.com - This site is a great resource for webinars, articles, and online communities. You can also sign up for an account so that when items of interest are posted (like monthly newsletters on your areas of interest) you get those delivered to your inbox.
HRMorning.com - With news on a variety of topics, I find this site gives me some interesting reads on fun topics.
HR Bartender - A great blog with a fun name, this site is, in the author's own words, "a friendly place to discuss workplace issues."
TLNT| Talent Management and HR - This site has a lot of up-to-date news in a fun and easy to consume format on HR and talent management issues that matter today.
Fistful of Talent - This site is full of content, including a section called BAD HR which brings up some interesting practices and makes you think of old problems in a new way.