Building Blocks for Career Development

Posted by Judy Fort on September 9, 2015

Acquisition Guidance in OMBs Revised Circular A 130


A lot of planning takes place to put successful career development programs in place, including some building blocks that reach across all of talent management. We'll take a look at these elements and their role in the realm of career development.

  • Skills Library: Build out different categories of skills you want to track for your employees, then group skills into those categories. By knowing what specific skills you need to track, you make it easier to track requirements and perform searches later.
  • Competency Library: Include core, leadership, and functional competencies as a part of your library, including detailed descriptions. Build out development plan suggestions so that as employees identify gaps, they have tools to address them.
  • Job Profiles: Identify skills and competencies required and gained for each job in your library. This helps when building out career paths and helping identify what potential next steps would be.
  • Employee Profiles: Identify skills and competencies that each employee has acquired. By knowing which skills an employee has, you can also identify their gaps and work towards filling them. You also provide the ability to search for employees by skill sets.