Balancing HR Technology in the Workplace

Posted by Brittany Eppich on September 29, 2015

Employee at Work

HR technology has taken on an important role as one of the daily technology solutions that companies rely on today. From project management to cost management and government contracting, whatever your company's services are, HR technology keeps track of a company’s most vital assets - its people. Companies use HR technology to help manage their employees keep the company running smoothly, help in production, and of course create revenue; but that's not all. A company's people are what makes it what and who it is. They are who the company's customers know and trust, and ultimately they are the ones the customers do business with.

But how do you balance HR technology in this technology filled world? 

Prioritize. Understand what is important in your daily schedule as it relates to your organizational strategy. In other words, is it more important for you to be searching for new employees to staff your company? Are you a start-up, or opening up a new department? If so, then your priority would be to look into finding the most efficient and cost-effective way of finding just the right talent, and the answer may be finding a recruiting tool that fits your needs. If recruiting isn't your number one priority right now, are you trying to retain the talent you already have? You have a great pool of people, but you're having trouble showing them just how much you value them? Having plans in place to leverage employee growth and development opportunities may be more important to your employees than simple monetary benefits. A Learning Management solution combined with Career Development and Succession Planning may be exactly what you need. Having the right technology in place for your talent strategy will provide you with the tools your company needs to grow and survive.


Understand that HR technology today not only keeps a healthy company but also helps your company stay competitive. Today’s world uses technology in every aspect of their life; from what we use at home to what we leverage at work, technology is a big factor in enabling us to be effective and get the job done. When Apple came out with the first iPhone and opened the realm of smartphones, other mobile phone industries had to come up with their own versions to stay competitive. Apple had found a way to tap into a pool that was needed. Using spreadsheets and manual processes to handle Human Resources is like cell phone companies trying to compete with Apple without a smart phone. Whether we like it or not, it's time to adapt to the emerging culture where technology is crucial to winning the war for talent, and those who realize it first will come out ahead.

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