Is a Dream Job just that-a dream

Posted by Marilyn Hoare on August 5, 2015

Rainy Outlook

Is a “dream job” a necessity to be happy in life? There is a great deal of literature out there on chasing your dream job or finding your passion. But … will that make you happy? Take a random sampling of 10 or 20 people and ask them if they are in their dream job. I would bet that most are not. Ask those same people if they are happy and you may be surprised by their response. While there’s nothing wrong with pursuing what makes you happy career-wise, that alone is unlikely to make you happy in the bigger picture. You may find those that have been “lucky” enough to find employment in their field of choice, but they may also be wanting more in their personal life. On the other hand, you will find those that hold a “job” but are completely happy with their life.

dream jobs

I think they key is to determine what does make you happy. Do you really need to be in that “ultimate” occupation or are other things more important in your life right now? Again, I don’t dissuade pursuing your dreams: just be sure you know what you want and know what your priorities are. Also know that this can change over time and that’s okay too. We need to be more forgiving of ourselves if we don’t fit the mold we created in our heads when we were young. Often times this mold really represented other needs and wants that we thought we needed in order to be happy. So, I urge you think about what your “dream job” represents to you and are there other ways to create opportunities to meet these desires. It’s okay to change your concept of what makes you happy. To do “what you love” doesn’t have to mean your career; and if it does, recognize it will take time to get there and to find ways to be happy along the journey.

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