Let Me Give You My New Email

Posted by Vincent Fabello on June 19, 2015

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As you know, recently HRsmart was acquired by Deltek. From the business side this was a great pairing of a company wanting to offer the best Talent Management Solution. From the team side we were all excited to have new team members and new markets to address. However, there were times when I really wanted to pull my hair out. These times gave me good opportunities to freshen my relationships with coworkers as well as partners and clients.

Let Me Give You My New Email

Outlook… I love you I hate you

What I’m really talking about is outlook and the problems I usually have with outlook and some new ones when transitioning. Just a quick bit of history for perspective: I’m a geek. I started email when you used a text based mail program called PINE if you wanted something with menus. And calendaring? Let’s just say that the Palm Pilot was the first time I really transitioned off day planner/address book combo from Daily Planner that held my life and at times my check book. So the transition to Outlook and it’s combined calendar, email, contact, etc. a slow one that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with most of my life.

However, professionally, I’ve learned such a tool is invaluable productivity and communication tool. So making sure I didn’t lose track of meetings, email replies, etc. was critical. Thus began the great migration.

Email, don’t just auto-respond

The change in email offered a good opportunity to freshen and change some of my relationships. So our email addresses changed. Our old email was forwarding to our new email without a hitch. I setup an auto-responder on my old email telling people automatically that my new email … zzzzZZZZzzz… I’m sorry, may have fallen asleep a little in typing that sentence. You see, having moved over to a more customer facing side of the house, I’ve gained more of an appreciation of personal notes and touches. So while the auto response helped make sure everyone “had” my new email address, it didn’t take care of delivering that to everyone. I took this opportunity to fire some quick emails to current and former colleagues and clients letting them know I had a new address. For some of them, this was the first time I had contacted them since my role changed. So I was able to use that touch point to update them on my role as well as introduce them to the new person that would help them out moving forward. They still mattered to me and I wanted them to know they’ll be taken care of and that I’m still here. This did take a bit to plow through my current emails, but it was worth for renewed contacts.

So that meeting that I’m on …

There were a number of meetings I am on that I should be on and a number that I shouldn’t; this was a great opportunity to weed them out. As part of a clean transition, I took the intentional path of looking through the old calendar and asking my new address to be added to meetings I was required on. This also gave me the chance to look at some meetings I was on due to a previous role or a misunderstanding and be able to update the organizer that I wasn’t the best person to be on those meetings. So this opportune time to verify these calendar items was also an opportune time to clarify my role to others and were I could most effectively help them. I would like to say that I will miss some of those other meetings, but I have to wrap this blog up to get to a meeting…

It doesn’t take a transition of emails to force these issues. Even a change in branding or a “change in your work schedule” is an opportune time for you to reach out to your colleges and clients to give them a touch point as well as to focus your calendar and efforts. So with that, I leave you with my new email address VincentFabello@deltek.com. Hope to hear from you soon… preferably in the comments below.