Will U B Mine? Candy Heart Tips for Sending Offers

Posted by Judy Fort on February 13, 2015


Will U B Mine? Candy Heart Tips for Sending Offers

Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year, whether you are trying to express your feelings to that special someone already in your life, or you are trying to muster the courage to ask someone for a chance. Sharing treats with friends and loved one is a big part of this holiday, and for all of my life, I remember sharing boxes of conversation hearts with those around me. While some of these sayings are definitely targeted to someone you love, there are some that really stand out to me when thinking of ways to get someone to take a leap in the work life.

Will U B Mine? Candy Heart Tips for Sending Offers

♡ Fax Me / E Mail Me ♡

I remember the first time I saw the Fax Me heart in the box, and I was truly surprised that this would be a way to communicate in a personal relationship. But, in the work world today, even with the addition of the later E Mail Me heart, fax still has a place in many HR organizations. While many different HR functions are automated and completed online, this is one area where having that paper copy of the signature is still a must for some organizations.

♡ You’re Tops ♡

When you decide to send an offer to a candidate, you've gone through a lot of steps to get there: reviewing their resume, phone screening, interviews, assessments, and more. At the end of this, you are picking the candidate that comes out at the top, and sending them an offer is a way of telling them You’re Tops. Making sure that the candidate knows you are excited about having them on the team, and building a strong relationship prior to the offer, can help get them to say I Do when asked if they want to be a part of your organization.

♡ I Hope / I Wish ♡

Ideally, this mantra won’t be running through your head after you send the offer and are waiting on a response. In a perfect situation, you've already established that the candidate is really interested in your company and serious about working there. Also, you should have discussed the salary and benefit expectations prior to sending the actual offer, so the candidate should already be on the same page as you. But if you have setup that open communication prior to the offer, you may find yourself crossing your fingers with choruses of I Hope repeating in your head.

Will U B Mine? Candy Heart Tips for Sending Offers

♡ Why Not ♡

Sometimes, even after taking all the necessary steps, candidates will decide that your company isn't the best place for them. Don’t be afraid to go back and ask them Why Not. By asking, you can determine if it is something you can change in the offer that may get them to change their mind, or if there is something you can change that would help ensure the offer process goes more smoothly when you send out to another candidate.

So, when you pop open a box of conversation hearts this Valentine's Day, think about how some of those sayings relate to getting your ideal candidate to Say Yes.