The 11th Recruiting Metric- Time Per Stage

Posted by Judy Fort on February 23, 2015

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The 11th Recruiting Metric- Time Per Stage

With our recent focus on the blog about recruiting metrics you should be using, along with feedback from clients, I thought it would be good to add an 11th metric up on the blog: time per stage. In fact, Software Advice,a company that researches and evaluates HR and recruiting software, recommends this as one of their "3 Recruiting Reports You Should Be Running Regularly." This metric goes hand-in-hand with time to hire a candidate - the overall time it takes from the time you post a job opening until you've filled it. As mentioned in a previous post, How Efficient Are Your Recruiters?, "a recruiter's effectiveness comes down to hiring the best and finding them in the shortest amount of time."

With this in mind, you probably have an idea of how long you want for that to take, along with the steps that you need to include in your process. For example, your process might be:

  1. Complete application
  2. Phone screening
  3. Skills testing/assessment
  4. Interview
  5. Offer
  6. Hire

Considering you have this available - both the steps and time to fill - a part of the equation you might be missing it how long you spend at each step. This piece of information lets you know right away if there are any steps that are consistently taking longer that others, and gives you a chance to evaluate your processes to make them more efficient. According to Dr. John Sullivan, the some of the steps that tend to hold up process the most are:

  • Approving new job postings
  • Resume screening
  • Scheduling interviews

By reporting on the average amount of time in each step can help to identify those blockages and improve processes and efficiency for future hires.