What 2014 Taught HR about Automated Solutions

Posted by Brittany Eppich on January 6, 2015

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What 2014 Taught HR about Automated Solutions

With 2015 just beginning, what did 2014 have to say about HR? Here is one topic that was highly questioned, how small businesses are interested in benefits administration software. From this study, the research shows what are the biggest pain points for SMBs who do not have an automated software and are looking.

HR Researcher Brian Westfall from Software Advice, a site that researches benefits enrollment systems, first pinged what the weaknesses and the need for administration software are in his study. Westfall found that, "56% of buyers were using manual methods to track their employee’s benefits information." He then incurred why they were doing this? He found that "30% of buyers had 101-250 employees, which suggest that is when companies are looking to buy software," to handle this sudden growth within their company. With sudden company growth this creates a need to go electronic and put things online, which allows a more universal environment between everyone.

Not only did most people surveyed want to go online but they also wanted an integrated suite with payroll, and performance reviews. Westfall says that 96% of buyers wanted benefits administrations that were bundled with other HR applications. Another big topic for concern was the ditching of traditional systems time off to unifying and calling it PTO (paid time off) because it created an, “...easier time-tracking and less absenteeism.” After addressing what causes the sudden search for an administrative software he learned what they were specifically, "looking for when getting and moving from a manual solution to an automated software." With the automated software they wanted there to be an employee portal for either self-service or open enrollment (because it helps HR departments automate a lot of processes so that they can focus on other tasks at hand.), reporting capabilities, and documented management.

With 2015 now in motion, most companies are making the switch because their companies are growing, or they want to give more control to employees with benefits. Either way this sudden need for automated processes is what is being sought for in 2015. HRsmart is an automated solution that contains all the points that Westfalls consumers were looking for. If you would like further information please click here for an overview.  Let’s learn from last year’s manual mistakes and make way for this year’s automated results.

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