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Deltek experts and industry thought leaders share their views on the latest trends, technology and issues shaping project-based businesses today.

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Digital Transformation Through Purposeful Innovation

Enabling Digital Transformation Through Purposeful Innovation

The infusion of emerging technologies into our solutions allows us to re-imagine how projects are delivered ─ helping our customers’ projects be more effective, efficient and successful. Learn how Deltek is enabling digital transformation for project-based businesses now and into the future.

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Engineering Week 2020 _Technology and Innovation In Engineering Firms

How Technology and Innovation are Changing the Engineering World

Many firms are prioritizing technology as a strategic initiative to help differentiate them in today’s competitive market. Learn more about how modern engineering firms are embracing technology innovation to improve project delivery as we celebrate Engineering Week 2020.

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The Future of Cloud: 5 Big Reasons Not to Fall Behind

The Cloud brings computing technology as a utility service, enabling on-demand access to better software tools for companies to improve their operations. Learn more from Deltek’s valued Partner, CCG on what the future holds for the Cloud and 5 reasons why you should consider it now.

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Deltek Partner Month 2019

Three Reasons A Cloud ERP Isn't Scary

In 2019 there are still misconceptions about the benefits and fears surrounding Cloud technology. Learn from our valued partner AMR Group, three reasons why the Cloud should not be scary.

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UX UI User Centric Design

How Deltek is Transforming the Customer Experience

With beach vacations around the corner (and shark threats on the rise) we assembled our best UX/UI blogs to create the ultimate summer reading list for you to enjoy. Read on to learn about the latest UX and UI product enhancements and Deltek's plans for incorporating innovative technology.

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 Employees In The Modern Workforce

Retaining Key Employees In The Modern Workforce

There has never been a more critical time for investing in our employees. With the generational shift and the seemingly constant onboarding of new talent, there is no choice but to invest in developing top performers in order to sustain our businesses.

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The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation Deltek

Building Digital Transformation Through UX Innovations

Costpoint government contractor accounting software can improve efficiency and profitability by keeping a tight rein on project accounting. Customers can rely on Costpoint Deltek’s end-to-end ERP system, even more now, with four new UX innovations.

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The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation Deltek

Deltek’s Continuous Focus on User-Centric Software

Deltek continues to lead the way in user-centric software. Learn about the significant innovations in Maconomy, our Enterprise-level ERP solution for Professional Services businesses, and how we’re making this solution even better in 2019 and beyond.

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Purposeful Innovation

Driving Purposeful Innovation with "Hey Deltek"

As you might imagine, purposeful innovation is innovating with the purpose of making a process or task easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable for someone else. At Deltek, our feature is helping us define purposeful innovation through natural language processing.

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Customer Feedback Powers User Experience Innovations

Deltek, a leader in user-centric software, highlights how customer feedback boosts its innovations in Vantagepoint, leading to a better user experience.

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