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Purposeful Innovation

Driving Purposeful Innovation with "Hey Deltek"

As you might imagine, purposeful innovation is innovating with the purpose of making a process or task easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable for someone else. At Deltek, our feature is helping us define purposeful innovation through natural language processing.

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Modern Workforce Diversity

Embrace Your Modern Workforce By Focusing On These Four Things

Ed Hunter, Deltek's Senior Vice President of Human Resources, shares his views on the modern workforce and the four areas in which any organization can concentrate effort to enhance their generational diversity.

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The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation Deltek

The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation

Deltek is at the forefront of the movement to make user-centric software, and is committed to the Five Pillars of UX Transformation. Takes this tour of the five pillars to get a better understanding of how Deltek develops solutions, how to contribute to the process and ultimately how to enhance your own systems.

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How Agile is Tranforming HR Organizations | Deltek

How Agile is Transforming HR Organizations

Once limited to software development, Agile is beginning to take hold in areas across organizations, including human resource management. Learn how firms can use Agile methods to transform their HR organizations.

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Deltek Costpoint Transforming the User Experience through Innovation

Deltek Costpoint: Transforming the User Experience through Innovation

Todd Walker, Vice President of Product Management, highlights how Deltek Costpoint’s innovative technology is transforming the GovCon space.

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Peraton Touching the Sun with Deltek

How Peraton is Touching the Sun with Deltek

An interview with Peraton’s CIO, Rob Giannetta, about their company’s digital business transformation and the exciting work they are doing with NASA on the Parker Solar Probe.

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Hey Deltek! Vantagepoint

"Hey, Deltek… Tell Me About Deltek Vantagepoint"

Bret Tushaus, Deltek VP of Product Management, recaps some of the amazing features of Vantagepoint that he highlighted in his presentation at Deltek Insight 2018.

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AI, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management

How Can AI Help Your Project Managers?

Warren Linscott, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, talks about the Deltek Project Intelligence cloud and the impact it will have on project management.

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Digital Transformation in Professional Services Industry

Digital Transformation: The Opportunities and Challenges for Professional Services Firms

Deltek Vice-President Neil Davidson reveals the Future of the Professional Services Industry and what business leaders must do to prepare.

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The Millennial Generation – Who Are They?

Millennial Mythbusters: Decoding the Generation

No generation in history is analyzed and dissected as much as the Millennial Generation. In this blog we debunk common myths surrounding them.

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