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Purposeful Innovation

Driving Purposeful Innovation with "Hey Deltek"

As you might imagine, purposeful innovation is innovating with the purpose of making a process or task easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable for someone else. At Deltek, our feature is helping us define purposeful innovation through natural language processing.

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RPS Group Takes Internal Controls, Data Quality and Project Management to the Next Level with Deltek

With Deltek ERP, RPS Group now has the right foundation and the right processes in place to take them to the next level and make their company even more successful.

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TMP Worldwide Improves Time Tracking, Invoicing and Cash Flow with Deltek

How TMP Worldwide Digitally Transformed Their Business with Deltek

TMP Worldwide discusses how they've automated business processes and improved time tracking, invoicing and cash flow in their digital transformation with Deltek.

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Deltek ERP Gaining Business Insight with Data Visualization

Gain Business Insight with Data Visualization

An overview of data visualization and how patterns, trends and correlations in large amounts of data—that may otherwise go undetected—can be exposed and recognized more easily with Deltek ERP solutions.

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Before You Decide Ask ERP Vendors You're Considering these Six Questions

Before You Decide – Ask ERP Vendors You’re Considering these 6 Questions

After 22 years in the ERP industry Deltek VP Brian LaMee has heard every question customers ask ERP vendors. Here are six he says that can reveal a lot about a vendor and help you make the right decision.

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Award-Winning Creative Agency Ogilvy Enhances its Digital Delivery with Deltek

Award-Winning Ogilvy Enhances its Digital Delivery with Deltek

Ogilvy is investing heavily in the digital space—everything from websites to apps to digital experiences like virtual reality, augmented reality and facial recognition. Learn how Deltek technology is playing a significant role in their digital strategy.

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The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation Deltek

The Five Pillars of User Experience Transformation

Deltek is at the forefront of the movement to make user-centric software, and is committed to the Five Pillars of UX Transformation. Takes this tour of the five pillars to get a better understanding of how Deltek develops solutions, how to contribute to the process and ultimately how to enhance your own systems.

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IDC: Visibility a Key Aspect for High Performing Management Consulting Firms

IDC: Visibility a Key Aspect for High Performing Management Consulting Firms

Deltek Vantagepoint moves the advanced Cloud ERP market forward—providing visibility from pursuit to engagement close out—which is an absolute must for high performing Management Consulting firms.

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Sealaska Wins More Business with Deltek GovWin IQ

Sealaska Wins More Business Across the Federal Government with Deltek

Learn how Deltek’s GovWin IQ is helping Sealaska win more business and expand the types of clients and agencies they work with in the Federal Government.

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Data Visualization Storytelling with Deltek for Profitability

Data Visualization: Storytelling with Deltek to Create a More Profitable Future

Implementing Deltek enabled Thermal Engineering to have “ah-ha” moments with better data analysis, insight into key performance indicators and visibility into cash flow.

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