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SMBs Need Project-Based ERP

8 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an Innovative Project-Based Accounting Solution

Deltek's innovative Project ERP adapt to businesses of all sizes allowing you to make better-informed real-time decisions. If you haven’t considered Project ERP for your small business, here are eight reasons why Deltek may be right for you.

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Customer Story Exante 360

Exante360 Improves Cash Flow and Cuts Costs with Deltek Vantagepoint

Exante360, an industry-leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consulting and design firm, needed a solution to deliver more reliable data and give project managers greater insight into their project performance. By moving to Deltek Vantagepoint, they've enhanced business processes, improved client experiences and increased their cash flow.

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Vantagepoint 4.0

Deltek Vantagepoint: Empowering Every User

Designed with modern features to empower every user, Deltek Vantagepoint is purpose-built with functionality that simplifies, streamlines and consolidates processes to improve your business. Learn how this latest release will help power your project success.

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7 ERP Consideration

7 Key Considerations for ERP Implementation Success

Natasha Engan, Senior Vice President of Deltek Global Consulting, shares key considerations that will help to ensure your ERP implementation is a success.

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GovCon Series 1 Modern Business

Supporting the GovCon Industry With Pioneering Innovation – Our Legacy and Our Future

From the beginning, making the jobs of government contractors easier has been Deltek’s driver and passion. Wherever the government contracting demand or need evolves, Deltek is on the journey with them, providing new and emerging technologies with purposeful intention.

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Engineers Week

Three Ways Engineering Firms Are Reimagining Innovation To Drive Business Success

Engineering firms are prioritizing technology to help differentiate them in today’s ever-changing market. Learn more about how modern engineering firms are embracing many different forms of innovation as we celebrate Engineers Week 2021.

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Small Business Meeting

How Small Government Contractors Can Position Themselves for Success in 2021

Small businesses have a lot to consider when it comes to planning their business strategy for the upcoming year. Learn from Kathleen Sievers, a senior research manager at Deltek, on what opportunities your small business should consider along with three strategies for success in 2021.

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CPA Blog 2 - Making CPAs and Their Clients More Successful

Making CPA Firms and Their Clients More Successful: How Deltek Can Serve as Your Trusted Advisor – PART 2

Deltek's leading industry-specific solutions, modern technology platform and award-winning customer support allow CPA firms real-time visibility into their business. When it comes to supporting your firm, our solutions not only help manage your project-based business but are also an important factor in helping your clients be more successful.

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Why Your Project-based Business Needs a CRM

Why Your Project-Based Business is at Risk Without CRM

While nearly every professional services firm has an accounting or financial management system to run their business, many are lacking a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to manage marketing and business development. Don’t put your client relationships and pipeline at risk. Here are five reasons your firm can’t live without CRM and how Deltek can help.

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WPP IT Customer Story MVP Winner 2020

Powering a Professional Services Enterprise with Deltek Maconomy

WPP, a 2020 MVP Award Winner, implemented Deltek Maconomy in Asia-Pacific as part of a phased rollout. In doing so, WPP IT was able to introduce a new global template to help standardize their agency tools and processes. As a result, Maconomy has given WPP more agility and transparency while vastly improving their compliance and security.

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