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Deltek Pride Month 2020

Celebrating Deltek’s LGBTQ+ Community – Part 2: What It Means to Have Pride at Deltek

Pride Month is more than just an annual celebration, it's an opportunity to drive awareness and visibility of things that are important to us as individuals. In part two of this interview series, we caught up two members of our LGBTQ+ community to discuss what it means to have pride at Deltek.

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Deltek Pride Month 2020

Celebrating Deltek’s LGBTQ+ Community – Part 1: Pride, Passion and Perspective

In celebration of June being Pride Month, we are sharing stories of our LGBTQ+ colleagues around the globe and highlighting what it means to have pride at Deltek. It has never been more important than now to renew our focus on what it means to be a global organization that supports a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Top Workplaces 2020 Deltek

What Does It Mean to Be a Top Workplace Going Forward?

In this unique moment of social change – and without physical workspaces to unite us – corporate culture is more important than ever to ensure team cohesion and, ultimately, success. While it’s an honor to be a 2020 Top Workplace, our goal is to remain one going forward by cultivating transparency, flexibility, diversity and empathy for all Deltek employees around the globe.

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Team Deltek Spotlight Caleb Merriman

Team Deltek’s Caleb Merriman: The Driving Force Behind our World-Class Security Program

With more operations moving to the cloud, information security is an increasingly critical part of our business and our products. We spoke with Caleb Merriman Deltek’s VP & CISO, to learn more about his first few months on the job, his experience working as a remote employee and his plans for overseeing our world-class security program at Deltek.

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AIA 2030 Commitment Blog _Earth Day

Reducing Emissions in the Built Environment: AIA’s 2030 Commitment

Climate change is everyone’s issue, and architects are uniquely positioned to help solve it. Learn how the 2030 Commitment, a voluntary initiative from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), helps with progress towards reducing energy and carbon in the design of buildings.

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UX Team Collaboration Blog

Deltek's UX Team Uses Design Principles to Drive Collaboration Success

Deltek's User Experience team has been a virtual team since day one and relies on design principles and collaboration technology to bring their team and work together. Enhance your team's connectivity with Deltek Collaboration by bringing internal and external teams together to track decisions, share ideas and participate in conversations from anywhere.

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Collaboration Blog

Bringing Teams Together to Deliver Better Projects

Whether collaborating internally or externally, being able to work together more efficiently, can help solve problems more quickly and deliver better projects. Learn how Deltek's software solutions can help improve productivity, coordination and project delivery.

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International Womens Day 2020 Team Deltek

Talking Diversity and Inclusion with Team Deltek's Lisa Roberts

We believe that creating the right environment for our employees means empowering them to learn, grow and be their authentic selves. We spoke with Lisa Roberts, Deltek’s Diversity & Inclusion Lead, to learn more about what goes into creating an inclusive workplace culture, as well as Deltek’s recent celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Continuous Performance Management Feb 2020

Why a Continuous Performance Management Process is Critical to Today’s Modern Workforce

In today's modern workforce it is imperative to keep employees engaged and positioned for career growth. One way to do that is by evolving your Performance Management process. Get to know how Continuous Performance Management can help address these needs and position your workforce for success.

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Deltek ComputerEase

Deltek + ComputerEase: The Complete Solution for Construction Companies

In August of last year, Deltek announced it had acquired ComputerEase. Today Deltek + ComputerEase provides a robust portfolio for construction companies, quickly becoming the industry standard for financial, project, and field management software. Learn more about what John Meibers and team have been up to since becoming one unified solution.

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