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AIA Sustanability Suggestions

Why—and How—to Infuse Sustainability Into Your Firm’s Office and Operations

The architecture industry is typically at the forefront of infusing sustainability into the built environment. But are firms practicing what they preach? The American Institute of Architects shared with Deltek some of their day-to-day sustainable practices and the benefits that design can bring to clients.

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Communicate like Churchill

Communicate like Churchill

Many of us recognize Sir Winston Churchill as an accomplished public speaker, but did you know he was also an excellent listener? Through the lens of Churchill, here are strategies you can use to communicate and lead more effectively.

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Build Your Product Knowledge at Deltek Insight

Building Your Product Knowledge at Deltek Insight

A key draw for attendees at Deltek Insight are the hundreds of educational sessions, which are led by Deltek product and industry experts.  Here are tips for maximizing your learning experience.

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Deltek Insight

Deltek Insight 2018: It’s A Celebration!

From what we’ve learned, Deltek Insight is a celebration. If you’re not learning, making connections and having a good time at Deltek Insight 2018, then you’re not doing it right!

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The Millennial Generation – Who Are They?

Millennial Mythbusters: Decoding the Generation

No generation in history is analyzed and dissected as much as the Millennial Generation. In this blog we debunk common myths surrounding them.

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Key Questions for Technology Systems Integrators

The Right Questions to Ask a Systems Integrator in Technology Implementations

A successful project depends on choosing the right systems integrator. Here are key questions to ask in your evaluation process.

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