Supporting Small Businesses: How Deltek Project Nation Is Achieving Growth and Profitability

Posted by Deltek on May 6, 2021

Small Business Buzz

More than one-third of Deltek’s customers are small businesses who rely on our project-based solutions to help them power their project success. From architecture & engineering to government contracting and marketing agencies, our easy-to-use products adapt and evolve as small businesses grow.

Throughout this year we have put a spotlight on many of our customers and their achievements. Whether it is improving business processes and performance, driving innovation or increasing profitability, Deltek is proud to support their efforts.

Here are just a few examples of how project-based businesses around the globe have embraced Deltek's industry-specific solutions to effectively grow their small business :

SMBs Need Project-Based ERP

How Adaptic Prompted Growth and Profitability for Their Small Government Business  

Adaptic, LLC, a small  government contractor, knew it was time to transition to Deltek Costpoint to support their rapid growth when their QuickBooks® solution couldn’t scale with their business.

Knowing Deltek’s indirect architecture, you really can't get better – no matter what size or scale or design you want your company to be – you have the flexibility to design that kind of indirect cost structure, no matter what your requirements are.”  Aaron Solar, President and Founder 

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How ClearPeople Accelerated Their Agency's Digital Transformation 

ClearPeople, a fast growing UK firm, turned to Deltek WorkBook to provide their agency a better project and resource management system and give their organization end-to-end visibility.

“We found [the virtual migration to Deltek WorkBook] invaluable because it allowed us to overcome issues really quickly. It was a lot simpler than having to wait for someone to come into the office at a particular time.” – Barry Wakelin, Operations Director

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Customer Story Exante 360

How Exante360 Improved Their Consulting Firm's Cash Flow and Cut Costs 

Exante360, a small business consulting and design firm, looked to Deltek Vantagepoint to enhance business processes, improve their client experience and increase cash flow.

With Vantagepoint, I have one version of the truth and that’s huge, I can easily see what’s going on across all functions of accounting and projects without too much hunting and pecking.” – Barbara McGee, Director of Business Administration

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Deltek Supports Small Business

How Infinity Consulting Group Shifted Their Small Business From Surviving to Thriving 

Infinity Conference Group, a women-owned small business, switched from QuickBooks® to Deltek Costpoint to support their government contracting goals and streamline their previous manual processes.

Even a company as small as ours has really benefited from Deltek Costpoint over the last year. The time savings, the peace of mind, the scalable pricing and licensing options, and the reporting capabilities - you get what you pay for – Costpoint’s an investment but worth every penny.” – Amanda Curran, Director of Financial Operations & Analysis

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RedGate InfoTek Customer Story

How Red Gate Expedited Their Government Contracting Journey to Growth

Red Gate, a small business government contractor, turned to Deltek Costpoint to support their current and prospective growth needs when their existing ERP solution could not.

Deltek Costpoint is a stellar industry-standard ERP application that allows us to fulfill our company’s current and prospective needs and integrate critical functions through one single platform.” – David Koirala, Director of Finance

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architecture and engineering firm cost savings in the Deltek Cloud

How The Wallace Group Saved Their A&E Firm Time and Money in the Cloud 

The Wallace Group, a small A&E firm in the Pacific Northwest, knew it was time to move to the cloud when their servers crashed − now they rely on Deltek Ajera to manage their projects, payroll and more.

“The stress of managing security, hardware and system patching are no longer on us and we love that.” – Tina Bordieri, Administrative Manager

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How XDesign Consolidated Their Firm's Business Tools to Fuel Rapid Growth 

XDesign, a growing Canadian interior design and project management firm, turned to Deltek Vantagepoint to consolidate their business tools, improve processes and help double their business in the near term.

With the incredible growth we’ve had in recent years, we wouldn’t have been able to manage it without Deltek Vantagepoint, I don’t even know how we did it before.”  Greg Quinn, CEO & Principal

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Powering Small Business Success

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