Three Ways Engineering Firms Are Reimagining Innovation To Drive Business Success

Posted by Deltek on February 22, 2021

Engineers Week

Editor’s Note: In support of Engineers Week (February 21-27) we are celebrating the many innovative engineering firms that are a part of Deltek Project Nation. These firms are committed to developing solutions to help our communities today, while laying the critical groundwork for engineering success tomorrow.


Deltek is honored to support the thousands of engineering firms of all scopes and sizes whose projects transform the world around us. For more than 40 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with these innovative firms, helping power project success with industry-leading software solutions that drive profitability and business growth. 

These engineering firms, alongside architecture and construction firms, have created new ways of innovating and driving success amid rapid change and uncertainty. In the field, the office, and at home, these AEC firms are pivoting their processes to adapt to changing market conditions while continuing to design and build the structures, mechanical workflows and electrical systems required to accommodate the ever-evolving landscape.

Powering Engineering Innovation

Whether it is improving processes inside an organization or working with clients, innovation can take on many forms. Learn how these three engineering firms are reimagining their business success by modernizing technology systems, improving project management and enhancing employee engagement:

AMT: Modernizing Technology to Drive Growth

For more than 60 years, A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc. (AMT) has provided civil engineering, surveying, environmental, landscape architecture, and construction engineering inspection services across the Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States.

AMT needed a proactive solution to address aging hardware as they had grown from a single location to a more dispersed environment with employees in 20 offices. They looked at the challenges and work involved with back-ups, security risks and storage capacity, and ultimately decided to move to the Deltek Cloud.

According to Pete Strawser, AMT’s Director of Technology and Facilities, “As soon as we switched to the cloud and our CFO ran the first report, he said, ‘Wow, it's so much faster!’ It was more secure, and we could focus on the functionality. At that point, the product transitioned from a timesheet to a way to grow our business. It was really powerful for us.”

By moving to the Deltek Cloud, AMT has improved their processes to focus on innovative solutions for its clients while creating a safe and secure working environment for employees across the country. Learn more about AMT’s journey to the cloud in this blog.

Ecotope: Utilizing Effective Project Management to Drive Change

Ecotope counteracts the climate crisis with research-proven engineering and visionary leadership. They drive the building industry toward transformative and scalable low-carbon solutions, informed by four decades of learning and technical innovation. Ecotope clients seek holistic designs that optimize energy efficiency and are in harmony with the future grid.

The way Ecotope approaches and delivers projects is very non-standard, non-traditional. A lot of collaborative thinking goes on. “Remote working forced us to examine some of our existing processes to see what was working and what to improve,” said Dave Rosencrans, Director of Operations. “We made improvements and have delivered more work than ever before with the same staff,” he added.

This Seattle-based firm has improved its project management processes by investing in new resources and sharing best practices across the firm. They are also helping employees better understand how their actions directly impact the next step in the process.

Ecotope utilizes Deltek Ajera to help them achieve their goals and track key performance metrics, giving them the visibility they need to deliver projects on time and on budget. Learn how Ecotope is driving innovative project management and business success in this blog.

DB Sterlin Consultants: Connecting Multi-generational, Dispersed Teams

DB Sterlin Consultants is a multi-discipline engineering and consulting firm founded in 1997 in Chicago, IL. They are a full-service transportation consulting and design firm specializing in highways, bridges, structures, airports, utilities, railways, tunnels and public sewer and water, offering consulting services to the private and public sectors in a wide range of disciplines.

DB Sterlin Consultants is embracing innovation to transform the challenges of remote working into opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention. They have created a culture of continuous feedback, implemented a Think Partners Program, and launched remote team-building activities to keep their employees connected and engaged.

The Think Partners Program connects multi-generational employees to work together as partners and share best practices. Florence Sterlin, President, explains, “We empower the junior employee to talk to the senior employee about better ways to do things while the senior employee mentors the junior employee.”

The firm is now utilizing Deltek Talent Management to support many of these new and innovative programs. “With all of us working at various locations, it’s not something we could do without a good tool,” says Sterlin. Learn more in this blog.


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Committed to Project Success

During this past year, countless engineering firms, like AMT, Ecotope and DB Sterlin Consultants, have had to re-invent parts of their business to adapt to the ever-changing world around us. Deltek is committed to helping these firms better manage their projects and their processes – with leading industry solutions, including Deltek Ajera, Vantagepoint, Project Information Management, and Talent Management, now and into the future.

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