Making CPA Firms and Their Clients More Successful: How Deltek Can Serve as Your Trusted Advisor – PART 2

Posted by Deltek on November 20, 2020

CPA Blog 2 - Making CPAs and Their Clients More Successful

Knowledge You Need

As a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), not only do you provide clients financial advice, but many rely on you for strategic advice as well, often seeking informed guidance on technology, process, compliance and other business areas. The ability to provide clients this added value is what can often differentiate you from other CPA’s.

Deltek’s leading industry-specific solutions, modern technology platform and award-winning customer support enable CPA firms like you—regardless of size—to have real-time visibility into your business, advanced reporting capabilities and timely decision-making abilities.  

When it comes to supporting your firm, Deltek solutions not only help manage your business but are also an important factor in helping your clients be more successful.

By choosing Deltek as your ERP software, you can be confident our project-based solutions and dedicated partnership support will provide you the knowledge and expertise you need to be a trusted advisor to your clients.

Partnership for Success

In addition to providing the solutions you need to make your business successful, Deltek can also serve as a trusted advisor by supplying industry-specific knowledge and expertise to help run your clients’ business more effectively.

For instance, if you were a CPA in the government contracting industry, you may provide accounting system compliance check-ups for your clients, where your firm offers expert advice on topics like DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) requirements, timekeeping and internal controls, as well as direct vs. indirect costs. While many firms offer traditional accounting services like assurance and tax, other firms may also provide consulting services to help their clients navigate contract compliance and accounting pitfalls. Providing timely and relevant industry knowledge to government contractors is a vital part of their business success.

Government contractors rely on their CPA firms to be their trusted advisor, and when a trusted financial consultant recommends a particular software, like Deltek Costpoint, chances are they are going to have confidence in that solution.

When it comes to the construction industry, Deltek offers a special partnership program for CPA’s, specifically for those with clients who use Deltek + ComputerEase software. The CPA partner program gives you all the tools you need to work hand-in-hand with your contractor clients and stay on the same page regarding their financial data. Participating CPA’s receive access to the Deltek + ComputerEase software and a dedicated Client Success Manager to help serve their clients’ unique job cost accounting needs.

This intelligent cost accounting software specifically built for the construction industry; enables CPA firms to effectively advise their clients. With critical construction-specific features – such as comprehensive job cost accounting, Work-in-Progress reporting, AIA Billing, certified payroll, union reporting, and tool and equipment tracking, to name a few – it is designed to support CPA’s and their clients drive better decisions while meeting a contractor’s unique needs.

Powering Your CPA Firm

No matter your role in supporting your clients, Deltek has scalable software and information solutions to grow and adapt, enabling firms to achieve and consistently maintain superior levels of project intelligence. Our solutions help CPA firms find the right opportunities, comply with industry rules and regulations and give their clients the tools they need to manage more successful, profitable engagements.


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By partnering with Deltek, you can be confident our industry-specific solutions will help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. Interested in learning more? Contact us to connect with a Deltek expert.