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Posted by Deltek on April 3, 2020

International Medical Corps Deltek Customer Spotlight 2020_Covid19 Response

Editor's Note: International Medical Corps (IMC) responds to disasters around the world – from an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, to hurricanes in the US, to the latest COVID-19 pandemic. IMC continues to be on the front-lines bringing critical support to our communities in need. This previously published blog highlights IMC's dedication to providing vital healthcare services around the globe. To learn more about how IMC is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit their online hub.

Committed to Supporting Communities

It’s a tall order to knowingly walk into a situation where conditions are uncertain and lives hang in the balance. But the humanitarian aid workers, doctors and nurses at International Medical Corps do it every day. 

International Medical Corps is a global, nonprofit, humanitarian aid organization that provides emergency relief to those impacted by disaster, conflict and outbreak of disease. Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, they work in over 30 countries around the globe to improve the quality of life for the men, women and children they serve. A training organization at their core, they’re on the ground supporting communities and working with medical professionals long after the flashbulbs have stopped, and are committed to supporting communities long term as they make the journey from relief to self-reliance.

From the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, civil war in Syria and hurricanes in the Caribbean to earthquakes in Haiti and the hunger crisis in South Sudan, International Medical Corps provides emergency relief, often within hours, to those hit by disaster, no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions.

A great example of the lifesaving work International Medical Corps is involved in comes from one of their humanitarian aid workers, Chandra Gilmore:

“International Medical Corps asked me to go to South Sudan when a famine was declared in the Horn of Africa and our longstanding team on the ground needed support in shoring up their resources and developing a larger famine response portfolio. This kind of deployment usually happens with very, very short notice; and this time was no different. With a just few days of preparation time, I needed to learn about our ongoing programs and how they could be enhanced and improved. We track all of our programs, supplies and resources on the ground via Deltek, so I knew the data to put a plan in place was available.  By leveraging Deltek reports and analytics, I was able to immediately produce critical information about our entire project portfolio in South Sudan. And by tracking performance metrics of our existing programs, we were able to build on the local team’s capacity and develop a humanitarian response operation that to date has supported about 5,000 malnourished children.”

Global Non-Profit Uses Deltek Technology to Enable Their Mission of Saving Lives Around the World


 “One of the most challenging aspects of my work is that in the aftermath of an emergency, the context is rapidly unfolding so you never have all of the pieces to the puzzle. But the more pieces of information to the puzzle I can have—whether it’s coming out of the field teams on where resources need to be allocated and where we need to set up new programs or if it’s data related to how we're spending and how fast we can get new staff on the ground—the better we can perform our missions. Dependable information is incredibly valuable to our work – it’s like gold."

When mere minutes can make a dramatic shift in the ability to save lives, having the right information, plan and people in place means everything.  International Medical Corps knows all too well how important the right information is when responding to a crisis situations on a global scale.

“International Medical Corps uses Deltek to manage everything from time and expenses to finances and inventory in one system. Deltek allows us to more efficiently monitor and use resources in a humanitarian context and the more efficiently we're using resources, the more lives we can save.”

Originally Published on July 31, 2018


About International Medical Corps

Learn more about International Medical Corps and how they’re staying on top of all of the global humanitarian programs they support. Visit their website or follow IMC on Twitter at @IMC_Worldwide.