Reimagining Project Success through Purposeful Innovation

Posted by Deltek on August 13, 2020

Purposeful Innovation Deltek

Deltek's Approach

With new and emerging technologies all around us, figuring out how to incorporate these types of functionalities into an existing portfolio of solutions is no easy task. Deltek’s approach is practical and purposeful, making innovation investments that enhance our products and provide real value to Deltek Project Nation. Placing a focus on the user experience and ensuring the result is as seamless as possible, is what we aim to deliver.

Incorporating industry trends and interesting technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into our project-based solutions will not only improve the customer experience but also help achieve greater business efficiency and productivity for our customers.

Deltek is always exploring new ways to innovate within our products to create value. Whether it’s a feature already available within a Deltek solution like Hey Deltek, a functionality we are currently working on delivering like ICR in our Time & Expense apps or a theory we are currently proving out like blockchain, purposeful innovation is alive and strong at Deltek. 

So when can you expect to see these innovative solutions in our Deltek products? Many of these technologies have already been integrated into our existing product portfolio while others will be included in upcoming releases of Vantagepoint and the launch of Costpoint 8.0!

To learn more about how we are incorporating purposeful innovation into our project-based solutions, check out this roundup of blogs from our industry experts and see how Deltek is reimagining project success.


Emerging Technology Trends That Power Success

This is Your Vantagepoint - Bret Tushaus Insight 2019

Making 2020 The Biggest Year Ever for Vantagepoint

To accommodate all of the amazing functionality that Vantagepoint has offer in 2020, Deltek has three planned product releases, focused on three key areas, powered by three key purposeful innovations! Learn from Bret Tushaus, VP of Product Management on how the Power of Three will make 2020 the biggest year ever for Vantagepoint.


Power of Innovation Warren Insight 2019

The Power of Innovation

Predicting the future can be challenging, but we believe that emerging technology will forever change the future of business. So how does your company stay competitive? Find out from Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy how the workforce of the future and businesses will be transformed.


Purposeful Innovation

Three Innovations You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Deltek is investing in emerging technologies to improve the user experience at every stage of the project lifecycle - to help streamline work, save time and addresses challenges within project-based businesses. Learn from Todd Walker, VP of Product Management about the three innovations you didn't even know you needed.


Applied Intelligence Improves the User Experience

Applying Intelligence and Improving the User Experience

Deltek is always exploring ways to innovate within our products and to create value for our customers. Learn from Bret Tushaus, VP of Product Management what purposeful innovations are in our product portfolio and the value that intelligence brings to the solutions Deltek provides its customers.


Blockchain _Trust and Automation

Blockchain = Trust and Automation in Your Partner and Vendor Ecosystem

Ever thought about how blockchain can be used to create trust within your vendor ecosystem? Learn from Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy and Dmitri Tyles, Senior Director of Engineering on how blockchain and Costpoint can be leveraged to streamline business operations.



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