Talent & Culture in Today’s Modern Workforce

Posted by Deltek on December 12, 2019

Deltek Insight Modern Workforce Panel

Mike Robbins recently sat down with members of Deltek’s Executive Team for a candid discussion on how culture drives performance in the modern workforce. Panelists included Brian Daniell, SVP of Customer Care; Natasha Engan, SVP of Global Consulting; Ed Hutner, SVP of Human Resources; and Matt Strazza, SVP of Global Sales. The panel shared their perspectives on how the workforce is changing and how to create an environment where employees can thrive.

Workforce Evolution

The modern workforce refers to how companies are evolving from a traditional 9am to 5pm, behind a desk environment to a more open concept, flexible work arrangement. With generational shifts happening in the workforce, also come shifts in expectations from employees. Gone are the days of clocking in and out and being tethered to a desk, instead the modern workforce is attracted to employers who have the resources and technology to support a work from anywhere, anytime mindset.

But it is more than just the physical aspects of the job, where you are and the tools you have to get the work done. It’s about how employees feel and if their management team values the work that they are doing.

Employee Motivation

In a Glassdoor study, 53% of employees who left their job said that they would have stayed longer if they had been more appreciated, and 81% of them would have worked harder if they felt their boss had shown appreciation for their work. Hitting on the elements of distinction, Robbins explained that Recognition is performance feedback based on results – or “what we do” and Appreciation is valuing people – or “who we are”. Panelists then shared personal stories highlighting the difference between recognition and appreciation and how important it is to convey with employees. Reinforcing how essential it is to spend time and get to know your team members in order to motivate and help them.

Success Factors

Employees play a vital part in a company’s success, and understanding what they need to make them successful can help employers maintain a competitive edge. If the culture in your organization does not support the efforts of a modern workforce, chances are you will not be able to create a culture of where your people can truly thrive.

At Deltek, we’ve created a culture of authenticity and the notion that you can bring your whole self to work. Starting at the top, the management team encourages employees to be open, honest and real. Transparency is also vital to this success, along with knowing and understanding what is happening in the organization, learning to be flexible, and keeping an open dialog - even when the conversations get tough.

However, it’s not just about hiring and retaining the best employees it is also about understanding the vision and where the company is going in order for them to engage. That is why collaboration is key to building strong relationships across the organization. Not only having the tools to and technology to support this, especially in the case of a distributed workforce, but having the ability to build knowledge and camaraderie among teams.

The last key point the panel touched on was diversity and inclusion and how it is an important element of today’s modern workforce. Natasha Engan shared some of the perspectives that came out of the Women in Project-Based Business: A Conversation about Technology, Projects & Workforce Diversity panel and breakfast held earlier in the week. Stating that “companies that are intentional about adding diversity and inclusion to their organization tend to have much better business results and perform much better than companies who do not make it a purposeful initiative.”


So as you plan for 2020 and beyond, be sure to consider the modern workforce and creating a culture for employees to thrive in. Whether it is providing the necessary tools and technology or how to motivate your teams, creating an environment that supports both the needs of employees and the business will prove to be successful for all.