Vantagepoint: Purpose-Built for Your Project-Success

Posted by Bret Tushaus on November 20, 2019

This is Your Vantagepoint - Bret Tushaus Insight 2019

By Bret Tushaus, VP Product Management, Deltek

This is YOUR Vantagepoint

Deltek is committed to the philosophy that Vantagepoint is built for our customers, the people in their firms and the industries that they serve. From the beginning, with Vision and now Vantagepoint, Deltek has been focused on empowering and enabling project teams to drive successful projects. This applies to business developers, project managers, accountants, leadership, management or executives. By engaging with Vantagepoint, we believe firms will see broader adoption and more usage, ultimately creating more value for organizations.

Building a tool with such broad appeal requires the constant and consistent help from the people that use it each and every day. We considered (and incorporated) the feedback from discussions with users at Insight, in user groups, via the customer advisory council, or during the early adopter programs. Those users served as a constant guide in the context of our functional designs and user experience. Their feedback is key to everything we are doing in Vantagepoint and we cannot thank our half-million Vision and Vantagepoint customers enough for the value it brings to our design and decision making processes.

We have made significant progress since we started this journey to Vantagepoint in 2016. Inspired by the need to re-imagine Vision into a completely new browser-based, browser-agnostic interface, Vantagepoint takes Vision to whole new level. As the next version and the next generation of Vision, Vantagepoint includes a significant amount of improvements, streamlining and additions.   

If you were onsite in Orlando for Insight 2019, you may have heard and or even witnessed first-hand how the Vantagepoint solution focuses on serving the individual roles within project teams. This can be seen in the Vantagepoint of today and with the functionality we will be introducing in the future. Insight attendees also learned how the guiding principles of Vantagepoint formed from customer feedback and are the underlying theme of driving project success.

Focusing on Features & Functionality

User Experience and Convenience

For this product to engage users, it must be user-friendly and easy to use. It is offered in a variety of browsers and devices and available everywhere the user is. The browser-based interface for Vantagepoint not only provides the ultimate convenience, but has given us the opportunity to optimize every click and pick. 

Streamline and Re-Imagination

A tool like Vantagepoint needs to provide quick and easily understandable workflows, consolidated approaches to managing information and support for common best practices. These concepts have been woven into Vantagepoint’s DNA, resulting in tools that are easy to use, intuitive and powerful.

Enhancement Requests

Customer and user feedback is a critical part of building a solution like Vantagepoint. Vision has served its customer base for over 17 years and, as a result, we have curated many enhancement requests from Vision using organizations. As the next generation of Vision, we are incorporating many of these enhancement requests into the streamlining, improvements and expansions to Vantagepoint making it more powerful and user friendly than ever.

Project Management

Project management has always been a focus of ours, but as a guiding principle we are putting more emphasis than ever on it as we know project managers success leads to organizational success.  Through the Project Hub in Vantagepoint, project managers have access to everything they need to monitor and manage their projects in a single project command center like interface. 

Right Data at the Right Time

All of these guiding principles culminate to having the right data at the right time to drive informed decision making. Through a powerful and visual dashboard framework, Vantagepoint provides visibility into key metrics calling attention where attention is needed. These dashboards can also be tailored to specific roles throughout the organization to ensure the various personas are being presented with the appropriate information.

On a Journey with Vantagepoint

This is a journey, and the destination will be genuinely and absolutely worth it and will prove beneficial to everyone within an organization. Built on a proven and established foundation, and guided by feedback from a broad and diverse customer base, the Vantagepoint of today and what is coming in the future will help power project success!   


About the Author

As Vice President of Product Management, Bret Tushaus is responsible for leading the product strategy, roadmap and product management teams for Deltek’s Vision, Maconomy, Ajera, People Planner, PIM, Workbook and TrafficLIVE. Prior to joining Deltek, Bret spent 15 years at Eppstein Uhen Architects and holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. A frequent speaker at industry events, Bret has significant experience and expertise applying the benefits of software and technology to a wide range of project-focused businesses. Connect with Bret on LinkedIn.