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Posted by Brian Daniell on October 7, 2019

Customer Service Week 2019

Focused on Customer Success

More than ever, modern businesses are focused on creating a customer-centric culture inside and outside their organizations. Deltek is no stranger to embracing this trend and striving to provide award-winning support and focused on the success of our customers. This week, many businesses around the world are celebrating National Customer Service Week, and I thought it would be no better time to share our thoughts on why we love our customers.

This past year, I have visited more customers and attended more industry events than ever before.  One of the benefits is that I get to hear directly from our customers on their experiences with Deltek.  Additionally, I have been able to share our journey of how we collect feedback, and ultimately demonstrate what we have done to respond. Ultimately, customer feedback is vitally important to Deltek as it drives our decisions each and every day.

For the past two years, our team has surveyed customers to collect feedback and make improvements to your journey with Deltek. Below are some of the many initiatives the Deltek team worked on as a result of your feedback:

  • Focus on improving user experience
  • Improvements in product quality and performance
  • Speed of resolutions to solve customer support cases
  • More training with flexible options
  • Better communication with our customers

Starting this fall, Deltek will be starting to survey a sample of customers each month to allow for real-time feedback and to make quick improvements to meet customer needs. Be on the lookout for the Customer Experience Survey and be sure to share your thoughts!

As the SVP of Customer Care at Deltek, I get the privilege of leading our global Customer Success, Customer Support, and Deltek University teams that help deepen customer relations and meet the needs of the number of people around the world powering project success. I get to meet with customers at local user groups and events to gather feedback. It is truly one of the reasons I love my job! 

But don’t take my word for it, I asked some of our Deltek Customer Care organization leaders to share their thoughts on why they love working with our Deltek customers.

Here’s What They Had To Say:


Margo Martin, VP of Customer Success SaaS

“I have the pleasure of leading the Customer Success SaaS organization.  It’s the goal of our team to make sure that our customers are getting the most value from our products and to make sure that their experience is a great one.  I love hearing the creative ways our customers use our products and how we can help them achieve their goals and return of equity.   Ultimately…their success is our success.”


Gary Smith, VP of Global Support

“Within Deltek Global Support everyone has heard my favorite saying “Customer Satisfaction is King”.  It has been, and remains, our number one metric within Support.  It drives the decisions we make and where we spend our time.  We need to be easy to do business with, and part of that is taking ownership of customer cases and driving them to resolution as quickly as possible.  This focus shows our customers, with action, not words, that Customer Satisfaction is King. “


Brian Haney, VP of GovWin IQ Customer Success

“We have customers doing some amazing things in their respective industries, from working to enable cures for disease; to designing and building the most creative and eco-friendly buildings; to supporting our government’s many missions, including keeping our citizens safe.  Many of the companies that enabled the first mission to the moon fifty years ago are still our customers.  That we get to be a part of those projects, in some way and enable those customers to succeed, is what customer service means to me.  It’s not just about making sure our tools work for our customers, but also ensuring that we do our part to enable success in all of their efforts.  That means, we put our customers at the center of our own mission, and we create a culture here of customer-centricity.”


Mason Holloway, VP of Deltek University

“At Deltek University (DU), we understand that a critical part of our customer’s journey is ensuring that they are equipped to get the most out of their Deltek solution.   Through the Deltek Learning Zone, (DLZ) we enable customers to access the knowledge they need and get their organization up to speed on the latest releases and features of their Deltek solution.  But we also recognize that our customers are creative and resourceful and so we are always excited to collaborate with them to bring in best practices and tips and tricks learned in the field.  This is what customer service looks like at DU and what we strive for: a partnership focused on achieving results.

The Journey Never Stops

My whole career, I have had the privilege of improving the customer journey, and the work never stops. I am always in awe and humbled by the amazing projects our customers work on every day to change our world. We appreciate the trust our customers have in Deltek to take us along in their project journey. Thank you for all the customers who take the time to share your thoughts with Deltek and grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing the outcome of your feedback.

If you have any feedback for Deltek at any time, please contact Deltek Listens with your thoughts. Also, don’t forget the different ways you can stay engaged with Deltek throughout the year.

In closing, you have my commitment to work every day to make Deltek a great partner for you and look forward to continuing meeting our amazing customers around the world!


About the Author

As SVP, Customer Care, Brian Daniell leads Deltek’s global customer care and customer success strategy, managing global customer support operations, deepening customer relationships, and guiding the expansion of the company's portfolio of services to meet the needs of Deltek's growing customer base. Follow @Brian_Daniell on Twitter. To learn more about Deltek Customer Care, read about our tailored support and award-winning offerings.