Media One Creative Takes Storytelling to the Next Level with Deltek

Posted by Deltek Customer Guest Blog on September 30, 2019

Media One Advertising Agency Customer Spotlight

By Cait Martin Newnham, Producer, Media One Creative.

Planning for Success 

Media One Creative is one of Canada’s fastest growing digital agencies. We are experts in creating innovative content, including sponsored docu-style videos and personalized videos. Media One Creative also produces full-service, content-driven events that elevate brands and position them as leaders in their industries.  We collaborate with clients to understand their goals and the audiences they want to engage to develop narratives resonant of their core values. As we continue to grow, we are leveraging storytelling as a powerful tool to create next-level content that audiences connect with on an emotional level. 

Storytelling is a powerful tool in advertising because it shifts the focus from the company to the viewer. People feel like they are being given the opportunity to be entertained and enthralled by a story, rather than feeling like they are being sold a product.

As we shift to producing more story-driven content, like sponsored documentary films, it is obvious that a high level of organization is essential. Deltek has played a significant role in our success disrupting the branded film and branded content space because our team can focus on creative.

Deltek Streamlines Workflow so Media One Can Focus on Storytelling


Redundancy and Disorganization, Taking Focus from Creative Storytelling 

Our team used to have duplicates of budgets, schedules and resourcing documents in spreadsheets and in our project management software. The spreadsheets were easier to adjust than in the formal project management software, but we still needed to use the project management software to integrate with the finance software. All of this information lived in different places because there wasn’t one software solution for all of our needs.

Capturing docu-style content means that producers need to adapt and follow stories as they evolve. If we don’t have clarity on the remaining budget, timeline and available resources, it’s impossible for us to make a call on whether we can commit to pursuing a story that will take video content to the next level. For example, our team learned with only a few days of lead time that an influencer we wanted to interview for one of our brand films would be performing at an event near our office. We had to quickly assess if we had the budget and resources available to capture the event and interview, which would add a valuable and influential voice to the narrative of the film. 

Maintaining our complex and redundant process took time from the creative development of story-driven content.

Although organization is important to what we do, we pride ourselves in being creative storytellers. We want, and need, to spend our time on the creative components of visual storytelling—not on tedious organizational tasks. Deltek’s streamlined budgeting, scheduling and resourcing features make it easy for us to consolidate all of our project management and finance information in one place, eliminate redundancy, and maintain up-to-date and accurate project information.

Deltek as the Solution 

Our team can focus on developing compelling stories essential to delivering story-driven content, instead of spending hours updating organizational documents. We can confidently pass projects to other team members, make quick decisions about resourcing for the incredible stories that emerge in the production process, and feel confident in the accuracy of project data.

Deltek also made it simple for our team to plan for future projects, thanks to the easy-to-use reporting features that allow us to measure past project success. We are able to plan, develop and deliver complex projects with successful schedules, skilled teams, achievable budgets, and engaging, story-driven deliverables because we are equipped with the results from past projects.


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Our Future with Deltek

Media One Creative will continue to grow and produce award-winning, content worth creating with the support of Deltek. One of our goals is to move our business development team from their current business development software to Deltek so the transition from the Win to Manage is seamless for all of our new projects. 

Once our business development team transitions to Deltek, all phases of our projects will be in one place. Our team can continue to focus on leveraging the power of storytelling to disrupt the advertising industry because Deltek provides us with the tools we need to keep project organization automated.


About the Author

As a Producer at Media One Creative, Cait Martin Newnham is driven by her curiosity and her love for visual storytelling to make content worth creating. She is responsible for planning, managing, and delivering projects ranging from global TV commercials to animated videos to documentaries. Her work in branded video content has taken her around the globe to tell stories in places like Kenya and Uganda. For more information on Media One Creative, visit