Top Five Things To Consider When Evaluating Your Customer Care Experience

Posted by Deltek on August 12, 2019

Customer Support Experience

Important Factors to Look for in a Support Center

Whether you are a global organization or a locally owned business, providing your customers the support they need when they need it is key. Ask any customer-focused leader what is most import to them when it comes to customer support and service, and what do you think they would say? Is it reducing calls, increasing self-service, or overall customer satisfaction? Yes, those are important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but the more likely answer is providing a richer, scalable, and customer-first support center to guide a growing community of like-minded users.

Support centers can be found in all varieties from basic to advanced, easy or hard to navigate, and everything in between. The one common thread they all share is that they are critical to setting customers up for success and to offer new avenues for self-service by automating the customer support channel. Modern customers expect modern technologies and ways to connect with an organization outside of a typical phone call.


Top Five Things To Consider

We’ve put together five important factors to consider when not only evaluating new software, but the level of support received to implement, adopt and expand product usage throughout the customer journey.

1. Community Forums

Without a doubt, building a customer community is a top priority to foster engagement among customers who use the same products and share similar interests. It is a great resource to ask and answer questions, exchange ideas and connect with peers on a granular level. Keeping a community engaged relies heavily on users to spark conversations through open discussions to collaborate on popular topics. A successful community will see growth, participation and long-term engagement.

We recently redesigned the Deltek Community to simplify how customers interact with other users through product and topical discussion forums. Friendly reminders were setup on Submit a Case and Initiate a Chat pages to encourage users to post questions to the Community for that peer-to-peer participation, instead of contacting support. In the near future, we will be offering open hours where moderators will “go live” and be available to answer questions in real-time.  

2. Knowledge Base Articles

A searchable knowledge base is truly at the core of any support center to find relevant content when you need it most. An effective knowledge base delivers the most relevant information customers are looking for, in an organized way that is easy to use. 

Think of a knowledge base as an online library dedicated to anything and everything there is to know or say about a product or service. It houses helpful articles for step-by-step instructions or taking some type of action to solve a problem. Simply put, they can help you do your job better and make you look like the expert. 

3. Account Administration & Management

Administrators always hold the keys to the kingdom and it can be difficult to access a support site when you don’t have the right individuals to administer and manage the support account. Administrators grant permissions to specific users by allowing them to see certain features or be allowed to only complete specific tasks within a support center. Administrators and users may sometimes be one in the same, but while there could only be a few administrators, they may be responsible for dozens of users who have varying permissions. A modernized support center will make this process easy and straightforward. 

4. Product Documentation & Resources

Have you ever said to yourself “Where can I find the latest release information?” Many modern software organizations have loads of documentation from release notes to guides, along with other helpful resources to make you successful. Whether you need to download the latest version of software or if there are impending product updates coming, documentation is important.

The obvious choice for where to house this information is within a customer support center. It is the one-stop-shop for what you need to find, when you need to find it. This level of information is usually the most current and new resources are added on an ongoing basis.

5. 24/7 Access

The “always-on” mantra has never been truer when it comes to accessing everything you need at a critical point in time when you’re stuck or need an answer, and fast. Having 24x7 anytime, anywhere access to your Support Center will allow you to quickly resolve your time-sensitive issues. The Deltek Support Center provides you with:

  • Valuable tools to fully leverage your Deltek solutions
  • State of the art unified search engine - find more with our custom search tool that provides you access to thousands of pages of key content designed to help you achieve more
  • Ability to initiate or update Support Cases
  • Software updates & downloads to stay current with your Deltek software
  • Access to the Deltek Support Center Communities to network with thousands of Deltek users and learn best practices

Next Steps

It’s not just about choosing your software solution, but the entire customer journey.  Now, more than ever, organizations are concerned with providing their customers with the best possible experience. Whether you are considering adding customer care to your business or purchasing a solution that offers customer care, be sure you and your customers are getting the best when it comes to support. 

The Deltek Support Center has been designed with the customer in mind to effectively navigate all phases of the customer journey. Click here to learn more or if you are a Deltek customer, log into the Deltek Support Center.