Three Reasons A Cloud ERP Isn't Scary

Posted by Deltek Partner Guest Blog on July 31, 2019

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By AMR Group a Deltek Partner.

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Get to Know the Benefits of the Cloud

I get it. When I first heard about deploying an ERP system through the Cloud it seemed like a non-starter. “Why would I put my information out there when I can feel safe with it here, in our possession.” The mere thought of not having my data in a place that belonged to me frightened me enough to prolong looking at the benefits of Cloud. In truth it really came down to a misunderstanding of Cloud, and my own natural human behavior. As humans we have a desire to have control. We have this desire because when something is in our possession, we feel safe that we can control it.

By 2020, more than 78% of U.S. small businesses will have adopted cloud computing. In 2019 there are still misconceptions about the benefits and fears surrounding Cloud technology. Businesses that let fear and misunderstanding rule their decisions, risk falling behind their competition.

Here are three reasons why the Cloud should not be scary, and the benefits it can provide:

#1 Security – This is what I feared the most about Cloud computing. Security is an extremely important factor for any business. The fear of not having your information at your disposal is more a case of the fear around the security of your data. If it’s secure and safe, there’s nothing to fear.

At first many people see the Cloud using the metaphor of “your information floating in space”. This is far from the truth. It’s been reported that 85% of small business cloud users are confident in their providers’ ability to ensure a secure infrastructure. Deltek has put security at the forefront of our cloud priorities. We understand the importance of secure information for all businesses. We work with Amazon Web Services to deliver secure services. They have security as their top priority because they can’t let their reputation be dismantled by an information leakage. If you compare well established cloud provider’s (i.e. - AWS) ability to secure your information safely to your internal team’s ability to secure information, it should be clear that these leaders have security resources beyond the average firms’ ability.

#2 Efficiency – The Cloud gives you a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative and up-to-date technology available. When new applications and infrastructure improve, they are implemented in the Cloud, and don’t alter your daily experience. Just connect and go. There is little needed from your end to benefit from the improved technology. As businesses are more mobile, the ability to collaborate quickly and effectively allows teams to be in constant and up-to-date connection from widespread locations. Lastly, as you free up your IT resources, you will have a competitive edge over competitors who are spending their resources on managing infrastructure. Deltek makes the investment to handle upgrades, patching, deployment and service management. This is a cost you no-longer need to endure. According to a recent reportCloud applications deliver 2.1 times more return on investment compared to on-premise applications. Companies that use the Cloud spend 40 percent less on consulting and 25 percent less on support personnel. Also, Cloud deployments don't require regular investments toward upgrading infrastructure. Deltek invests heavily in Cloud professionals: architects, security, and Cloud engineers to ensure that our deployment, configuration, and management solutions run optimally and securely in the Cloud.

#3 Flexibility – You can scale services to fit your needs. You can access Cloud services from anywhere you have an internet connection. As your infrastructure needs fluctuate, your Cloud infrastructure will also fluctuate, allowing consistent (and never wasted) scalability. With the Cloud you have the mobility to access, share, and work on your files on the go, from anywhere in the world. This increased level of mobility will allow you to have far fewer infrastructure barriers when competing with larger companies.

In closing, allowing inaccurate information and fear to decide your business practices will leave you behind the competition. Between flexibility, efficiency and security, there is nothing to fear and much to gain from moving to a Cloud-based ERP.

Partnering with a reliable Cloud vendor like Deltek, provides the peace of mind that your software, infrastructure and information is handled with industry best practices in mind. Deltek Partners like AMR Group have seen the value Deltek’s cloud deployment brings to clients every day.

This article is courtesy of our partner, AMR Group, a Canadian consulting company helping architecture, engineering and professional services firms improve efficiency by adopting project-based ERP software.


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