Powering Employee Success

Posted by Deltek on July 1, 2019

Powering Employee Success Top Workplace

What Takes a Company From Being Just an Office Space to Being a “Top Workplace?”

Here at Deltek, we think it's all about the people.

Our team puts a lot of effort, time and energy into creating an environment in which our more than 3,000 team members are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work each day. As a result, we are honored to have once again been named a Top Workplace in the Washington, D.C., area by The Washington Post—a distinction based solely on the results from feedback given by our employees that reflects our global, people-focused culture.

Whether through collaboration tools connecting our employees around the globe, a range of professional development offerings including enterprise-wide LinkedIn Learning access, or even the opportunity for our team members to work remotely, we are truly dedicated to powering our employees’ success in a variety of different ways.

But don’t take our word for it! Here, some of our employees from around the globe share what they think makes Deltek a Top Workplace.  


Paula Da Silva, Sales, Australia

“Having been at Deltek for over five years as part of a global team and worked from two office locations (London and Sydney), I can confidently and proudly say that our company genuinely cares about our clients and employees. We’re a multicultural business, made of extremely bright, team-focused people, who are encouraged to think in innovative ways to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We are also supported to continue learning and provided with the right tools to further develop within our roles or transition to different areas of the business. Above all, we have fun—and to me that’s a result of the trust and respect that the company has for us. Deltek is the perfect example of the great importance of having a work-life balance to promote great performance and I just love working here.”


Tracey Ray, Engineering, U.S. Remote

“I’ve worked for Deltek for 14.5 years and I have lived in Florida the entire time, far from our headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. This is what makes this company special—I was able to find opportunities to grow my career even as a remote employee. I started as an individual contributor and now I have a team that is also remote. The company is so forward-thinking in creating a comfortable place for employees whether you are located at our headquarters or you are part of a very large and continually growing worldwide staff. Our technology and business practices are almost purpose built for our remote workforce.”  


Gabrielle Wassing, Facilities, Sweden

“Deltek provides its employees many ways to connect on issues that go beyond our work, including conversation spaces and groups that embrace our identities. I personally am involved in our LGBTQ & Allies group; through it, we share knowledge, experiences and events that can be relevant in support of a more open society. It is a source of both security and joy that colleagues have a forum where we lift and talk about LGBTQ issues in all forms without being judged by anyone.

Additionally, Deltek as an employer sees my expertise and quality. My work performance is rewarded and strengthened as an individual. I am allowed to be who I am and accepted thereafter. There is an open working climate where everyone is respected on their own. It is important to feel needed and I really do at Deltek, this is where I belong!“


Isaiah Williams, Information Technology, U.S.

“Deltek inspires me to grow and develop in my career in IT and my business communication skills. The insight gained from the company’s professional development—including LinkedIn Learning courses and peer to peer mentoring—have enhanced both my technical and soft skills. Together, these give me the confidence to try new challenges while feeling more than ready to conquer the task at hand.

The best thing about working at Deltek’s global HQ is seeing different cultures and backgrounds coming together to work toward a common goal. I enjoy working at Deltek because of the people. Getting to see my work family and creating new memories every day with my coworkers makes any commute worth it.” 


Ideen Sibal, Engineering, Philippines

“I like working at Deltek because of its dynamic and vibrant culture. It provides various learning opportunities for its employees, and at the same time keeps us challenged. It promotes a healthy work/life balance through the various employee welfare programs. Whether you are into yoga, basketball or photography, there is definitely something that caters to your interests.

I also like working with the people. Despite our different personalities and backgrounds, everyone is genuinely passionate about making a difference and contributing to positive work environment. I believe this is one of the main reasons why Deltek has been successful for more than three decades and why I have been happy at Deltek for almost two decades!”


Eleni Berger, Information Solutions, U.S.

“What I really appreciate about Deltek is the warm and welcoming environment for new employees. From the moment that my company was acquired by Deltek, staff at all levels made a tremendous effort to get to know our teams, understand what we do, and help integrate us into the Deltek world. There are many challenges with learning to navigate a new company, and my new Deltek colleagues have helped make the transition much easier.”