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Posted by Deltek on July 8, 2019

Deltek Partner Month 2019

Summary: During the month of July, Deltek Project Nation will feature guest bloggers from across our Partner Network.

We’re All In This Together!

At Deltek, we pride ourselves on powering project success, but we also know that we can’t do it alone! Our Partner Network is critical to Deltek and to our customers, it is a key component of our ecosystem and helps enable us to deliver world-class solutions to project-based businesses around the globe. Our partners play a strategic role by expanding our global reach, keeping our customers current on our latest technology solutions, and enhancing our product offerings.

Deltek’s Partner program consists of different partner types – Affiliate, Referral, Reseller, Systems Integrator and Software & Technology, all of which serve different business needs and assist customers with Deltek’s products and solutions. This includes educating customers on the features and benefits of Deltek products as well as supporting them through the entire purchase cycle. Our partners play a significant role in helping customers with software integrations, governance, compliance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Last but not least, the most recent program to be added to Deltek’s network is our Product Marketplace program; where customers can find products that integrate with Deltek technology solutions such as ecommerce, manufacturing, self-service reporting, contract and procurement, organizational charting, and compliance matrix tools, to name a few. The offerings from our Marketplace partners provide additional value to Deltek products and help to amplify the customer’s investment in Deltek solutions.

But wait- there’s more- partners also do incredible things! Each year we recognize the outstanding work that our partners do on behalf of Deltek, with special partner awards given out at our Global Partner Kickoff and Deltek Insight events. Partners are recognized for their contributions and expertise in helping Deltek customers deliver successful projects. In 2018, Deltek honored OGSystems along with partner Lexell Blue, who turned to Deltek to handle the increasing complexity of their business, while remaining efficient and compliant with the government. As a result, OGSystems was able to reduce inefficient processes and enable their employees to spend more time innovating.

July Is Partner Month

This month we’re celebrating the contributions and value all of our partners deliver! To kick things off, we’ve rounded up a list of blogs from a few partners including Brilliant HR, PSI, Aronson, and Full Sail Partners to share their views on the latest trends, technology and issues impacting project-based businesses. Then throughout July, we will continue to showcase all the great work our partners are doing, so subscribe to Deltek Project Nation and follow the hashtag #DeltekPartnerMonth for more updates!


Make the Shift to Data-Driven Human Capital Management
Partner: Brilliant HR

Most HR professionals rely on data and metrics to help them measure the success of their recruiting and employee engagement efforts- but it’s easier said, than done. Outdated or non-existent technology is a major contributing factor. Read on to learn about Deltek’s Clarity research revealed that HR solutions have not seen significant investments in the last 5-10 years.

Raise Your Hand If You’d Like to Increase Your Agencies Efficiency and Profitability
Partner: PCI

Profitability is one of the most important aspects of any business, especially within agencies. In this blog, we’ll review 10 best practices to ensure your processes are on the right track to maximize your agency efficiency.

Preparing to Upgrade to Deltek Vantagepoint
Partner: Full Sail Partners

Getting ready to upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint, but still not ready to make the change? Learn about what Vantagepoint is and why you should be excited about transitioning to this streamlined and easy to use product.

Government Contractors and Cross-Border Payroll Tax Issues
Partner: Aronson

Government contractors are being faced with some critical planning opportunities to manage the cross-border flow of resources into other countries. It is important for contractors to do their due diligence accordingly. In this blog, you'll find out how to mitigate the risk of certain U.S. and foreign tax liabilities.

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