Want to be an Award-Winning Agency? We Think You Cannes.

Posted by Deltek on June 17, 2019

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Do You Have What It Takes?

There is a buzz in the air about the Cannes Lions Festival happening right now – drawing the attention of agencies around the globe. Creative teams have been nominated for their work – often their blood, sweat and tears – with the hopes of taking home a Lion. Having a client base full of customers like Ogilvy, Media One, and We Are Social, we thought about what it takes to be award-winning.

Amazing creative output isn't the only thing that makes an agency award-winning. Having the right tools in place "behind the scenes" can help take an agency from good to great.

Every agency has its unique way of doing business, regardless if they are a global firm or a small boutique, managing project resources, pipelines, financials, and creative reviews, is all part of the job and requires a careful balancing act. Seem overwhelming? It can be, but this is where Deltek can help, by integrating our agency solutions seamlessly and securely into existing agency operations, which can make all the difference.

As Deltek looks to the future challenges our global customers face, we are committed to delivering them innovative solutions to power their success. The marketing and advertising industry is extremely important to Deltek. We are excited to work more closely with these unique customers as we help them navigate the fast-paced change going on in the digital advertising space.

See how Deltek Agency Solutions have helped these award-winning agencies enhance their project success:


With Deltek, Ogilvy APAC streamlined their processes and created better project visibility. Ogilvy’s APAC agencies now have a common process for different markets to enhance collaboration, manage creative booking and measure profitability.

More Time Now to Focus on Creativity and Serving Our Clients Better

Video Testimonial: Ogilvy


Deltek Agency Solutions are used by award-winning creative agency Media One to keep their video and motion media projects on time and budget - with resource management, accounting and proofing tools made specifically for agencies.

Keep Video and Motion Media Projects On Time and Budget

Video Testimonial: Media One

We Know You Cannes

Your agency needs the right teams, right tools and insight to be more efficient and more profitable. And with data helping you focus on what is important to effectively plan for the future, your team will be #winning!