Looking Back at Our Favorite Deltek Insight Moments

Posted by Deltek Executive Team on June 12, 2019

Deltek Insight 2019 Leadership Moments

A conversation with members of the Deltek Leadership Team. 

Our annual user conference, Deltek Insight, has educated and entertained the Deltek Project Nation community for the last 12 years. Whether it is getting to know our customers and answering their questions individually during one-on-one conversations or kicking back and relaxing at our customer celebration, each year brings new and exciting experiences for us all to share.

We are in full swing planning our 2019 event - and this is truly a team effort! We have members of Team Deltek from all departments working together to make Orlando's event the best ever. As we continue to finalize details for this year's event, we thought we'd share some perspectives from years past.  We asked members of our leadership team to reflect on Deltek Insight and the moments that stood out to them the most. Here’s what they had to say:

Deltek Leadership’s Favorite Insight Moments 

“As leader of our Customer Care organization, for me the heart of our annual Deltek Insight experience can be summed up by walking into the room where we host our Meet the Experts sessions. Behind the scenes at Deltek, we know that these private, one-on-one appointments book months in advance, and it’s easy to see why—solution experts representing every one of our products take the time to work individually with customers, answering their questions and working through any issues. At last year’s conference, 50 Deltek employees hosted more than 700 of these sessions, with table after table filled for one-on-one conversations- to ensure the success of our customers.” – Brian Daniell, SVP Customer Care

“My favorite Deltek Insight memory is from 2018 when we had Johnny Cupcakes, the world renowned T-Shirt baker, as our closing keynoter. In his presentation he talked a lot about how impactful it can be to delight people via unexpected human-to-human interactions (like selling T-Shirts in a bakery setting!). The part that really stands out for me is how we surprised all attendees with golden tickets taped to their chairs for free Johnny Cupcakes shirts—seeing folks reach under to find their gift really reinforced his point about the power of H2H interactions. AND to build on that, we surprised everyone by having Johnny Cupcakes as a guest DJ at that evening’s Celebrate Insight festivities which just further amazed and delighted our Deltek Project Nation friends and colleagues.”  – Perry Hardt, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

“What I like most about our annual user conference is the abundance of networking opportunities our customers and partners have access to! Whether it’s eating lunch at product-specific tables, getting together in between sessions at the networking lounges, or even wandering around the Xpo, Insight offers so many different opportunities to meet and engage with like-minded peers and industry experts. And being part of the Women at Deltek organization, I am always thrilled to see so many female colleagues who are passionate about project-based business using Insight as a networking platform! I am proud to be part of this event and to provide our customers an opportunity to connect, learn from one another, and pick right back up where they may have left off last year! "  – Natasha Engan, SVP Global Consulting

“Last year was my first Deltek Insight experience and it was a privilege for me to moderate a General Session customer panel to discuss technology and innovation. But, let’s face it—at the end of the day, Insight is a celebration of our customers, culminating with our annual Celebrate Insight entertainment experience. And what an experience it is! Last year, 3,000 attendees packed Gilley’s Dallas for a “Dancing Through The Decades” costume party featuring some great characters (anyone who saw Cloud Man knows what I’m talking about!) as well as awesome performances by Kool & The Gang and LOCASH. At the end of the evening, it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to leave and that is a truly amazing feat– making our customers feel like family.” – Matt Strazza, SVP Global Sales

As you can see Deltek Insight is so rewarding, in so many different ways. Whether you are looking to advance your product knowledge or host your very own session, there is something for everyone. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we get ready to announce our session tracks and keynote speaker - and if you haven’t already registered, there is still time. Take advantage of early bird pricing now through June 19 and get ready to make your own memories!

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!