Deltek Celebrates #EarthDay – Four Ways Deltek Goes Green

Posted by Deltek Executive Team on April 22, 2019

Deltek Celebrates Earth Day – Four Ways Deltek Goes Green

By The Deltek Executive Team

Earth Day is a worldwide event celebrated annually on April 22, honoring the achievements of the environmental movement and raising awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability. At Deltek, we recognize and value what it means to be sustainable, so much we’ve made it part of our company culture.  

On a daily basis, our employees participate in environmental best practices that help keep our company and community green – including energy efficiency, waste management, and commuting practices. So whether it is charging our electric vehicles on property, teleworking to minimize our carbon footprint or decreasing landfill waste by limiting paper product use, Deltek does its part.

Deltek was awarded LEED® Silver Certification when we renovated our Herndon, Virginia Headquarters building in 2012, and over the years we’ve continued to focus on incorporating more sustainability efforts to limit our company’s impact on the environment.

Being green is not just something we can do to support our environment, it can be practiced in business, too. When we asked our Leadership Team what it means to be sustainable in business here is what they said:

#1. Helping Our Customers Stay Green and Create a More Sustainable Future

“We are always thinking about how we can help our customers be green while working with our products. One of the coolest (and greenest!) features we are working on in 2019 is integration with ConceptShare and Vantagepoint for review, markup and online approval of invoices. This eliminates any potential need for printing invoices, and project managers manually marking them up or making changes – for the billers to then manually enter back in the system.  It’s not only a time-saver, but it’ll save money and resources that would have been used to needlessly print.”
– Mike Scopa, SVP of Engineering

#2. Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

“More than 50 million tons of waste, made from of everyday items, is created each year. Many of these include whole electronic equipment pieces or parts that are marketable for reuse or recycled for recovery. At Deltek, through our global hardware disposal program, we are recycling laptops, mobile devices and electronic accessories, to name a few. In addition to our IT efforts, our local offices continually look at ways that we as a company can reduce our carbon footprint. Deltek has also collaborated with many of our landlords across all of our localities with the mindset of ‘think globally and act locally’ on several initiatives such as water conservation, reducing plastic waste, energy consumption and partnering with green friendly vendors and providers.”
– Deb Fitzgerald, SVP and Chief Information Officer

#3.Having a Green Impact on Smart Marketing Communications 

“Within marketing, we always ‘think before we print’.  Specifically, with our Deltek events, we think about customer communication preferences and what form factors people want to consume information. We really challenge age-old assumptions on the value of handing hard copy materials versus electronic versions of product brochures, event agendas, customer surveys, etc. We have found that by using apps-based solutions and social media, we are giving customers the event materials to engage in a more impactful manner.  What’s also great about being so customer centric is we end up with this win-win dynamic of helping folks get the information they seek, in the most engaging manner, saving a few trees along the way."
– Perry Hardt, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

#4. Making Green Initiatives Part of Our Corporate Culture

"A large part of our corporate culture is to support flexible work schedules and a remote workforce. That includes giving our employees the opportunity to work from home, or anywhere they may be, allowing them to save on commuting costs, use less gas and reduce emissions that would otherwise be put into the environment. We believe in being innovative and results-driven – and flexible work allows us to support a larger staff with more efficient work spaces, cutting down costs and saving energy within our office locations as well."
– Ed Hutner, SVP of Human Resources

As you can see, at Deltek we believe focusing on sustainability makes good business sense. Investing in these types green initiatives not only benefits our employees and customers, but the environment as well.